In the Arena, 4/11

10 Apr


NKOTB? After the recent Spice Girls tour, I guess the reunion was inevitable. I wonder if Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch will be the support act or does Dirk Diggler have other plans? I promise to release the news here first if we land a date on the comeback tour. The important question: how many of you would be willing to shell out $125 a ticket for this one?

Back to other news: we should be announcing a pop/crossover/top 40/urban show in the next few days. Details are still being ironed out but the show date is confirmed. For instant notification, sign up for our email notification list here.

We’re also working on a Christmas show and a major country show for late fall 2008. I’m searching for a rock show with ticket prices that make sense but I haven’t found one yet. The market will have lots of family entertainment to choose from, as we have shows in June, September, and November for the young (and young at heart!).

The Mudcats look to continue their perfect season with a road game in Baltimore this Saturday. Hopefully they will bring back a 4-0 mark for next week’s home game versus Carolina.

That’s the news for this week. I’m trying to come up with a New Kids quote to sum up the blog, but I’m not having much luck. Hang Tough, perhaps? Hang Fire by the Stones is much more my speed…

Until next week,


2 Responses to “In the Arena, 4/11”

  1. farley662 April 10, 2008 at 9:58 pm #

    The wife would go in a heartbeat! Hanging Tough baby!

  2. skaufman244 April 14, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    I’d pay ummm 50 dollars to see NKOTB!

    And umm I could totally steal the thunder on this one.. but I’ll just say my lip gloss will be poppin while I crank dat robo cop.

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