What’s Going On – Project Runway, U2, new feature

9 Apr

Merry Wednesday, Scene cats!

  • The Stone Temple Pilots are going on a 65-city tour this summer but have managed to totally miss the South.
  • Joss Whedon’s MySpace comic, Sugarshock!, will be released as a TPD this fall.
  • Click here to stream new records by Leona Lewis, Ray J and James Otto.

New feature, in a mini way…Fashion!

We’ve never talked fashion much for Scene or Scene Now, even though looking your best goes hand-in-hand with going out on the town.

Granted, I’m definitely not a fashionable fashionista – I’m a T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops kinda gal, honestly. Still, I know a good nail polish color and to-die-for lipstick when I run up on it, and a good sale makes me supremely happy.

So if I run up on any fashion-related things that catch my eye, I’ll try my hand at blogging about it.

First up – I thought I’d suggest a new product I found this week. While trolling through my latest Entertainment Weekly last week, I saw an ad for L’Oreal’s Infallible 6-Hour Lip Gloss.

Lip gloss is my favorite thing in the world..behind music…and my betta fish…and Joss Whedon-created television shows. So when I saw this ad, I thought, oh, really, now?

Like many ladies, I’ve tried those long-wearing lipsticks, the kind that literally “paint” your lips and include the slippery top coats. L’Oreal promises you won’t need a top coat with this gloss. Intriguing.

So Sunday I bought a tube of the new gloss in Fiery (a color that’s almost too pretty to believe). What do you know – it works. It may not work for the entire 6 hours, but it’s awfully close. It was perfect for the first three hours, until I brushed my teeth after lunch. I reapplied about 1 p.m., and it was still going strong at 5:30 (and probably would’ve lasted longer, had I not put some balm on top). Of course, you really can’t top this gloss with a balm or clear gloss, because then it won’t last quite as long. Although the Infallible gloss had a tiny tiny bit of a “paint” feel to it, it wasn’t bothersome and I actually didn’t reach for my lip balm all day, like I usually do.

I really recommend this gloss…have fun with all the pretty, shimmery colors.

I bought mine at a soul-sucking discount store (don’t believe I have to name it) for $8.47. Worth every penny.

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