The Crossroads “not quite live” Wrap Up – Day 3

7 Apr

By Melanie Addington

Sorry, Scenesters, for such a late post about day three and four, but tornadoes and wireless internet access apparently do not mix well! Day four is right behind this!

Day three, Saturday at the Crossroads Film Festival was filled with mostly clear skies. The morning began with panels from 9 -11 a.m. at the Mississippi Museum of Art with filmmakers discussing legal issues with music in film, new media, etc. Also running at the same time were several workshops for children and teens on filmmaking.

At 1 p.m. everyone had headed over to the United Artist to begin the day’s films. I started the day at the Dream Sequence: Shorts Block I to see the southern premiere of Michael Tedford’s Maro as well as the world premiere of February Stars (not the Foo Fighters video but a short tense film about Death). One of the films, Hijo, did not arrive in time for it to be screened, according to Greg Smith, VP of Crossroads, so the guys from The Code stepped in one more time and played another of their series, New Orleans edition, which fit well into the dreamlike sequence of shorts.

To continue my shorts fix, I headed next to the Everyone has an Ending short block where my friend Alex Harder was showing his 3-minute short We Hear Sirens which can also be seen this weekend at the Delta International Film Festival at Delta State University. One of the strong points of this festival is the way that they thematically program their shorts, which provides a nicely-toned structure. I haven’t really seen that very often and it is quite nice.

Afterwards I went to a screening of the Ballast, the delta story that won big at Sundance. The film will have a limited theatrical release beginning Aug. 29. This is definitely something to see, not only because it was filmed with local cast and crew in Mississippi but because it is an amazing film. A review of the film and interview with star Johnny McPhail will be in the Oxford Eagle on Thursday. I will also post the blog version on my blog at

Playing at the same time was Of All The Things by Jody Lambert. I had previously seen this in Memphis the week before and you can check out what I said here. This is a fun documentary and I can’t stop thinking about it every time I turn on the radio and realize I am listening to one of Dennis Lambert’s hits.

As the Ballast screening went late, I missed out on seeing the Bob Dylan story I’m Not There but the film is going to have a much more extended release soon. I was upset about this as it was Heath Ledger’s last role and I have been wanting to see it for months.

Last but not least on Day 3 was the Awards Ceremony which was set to begin at 9:30 but instead began a little after 11 p.m. However, the live music from the amazing performer Amanda Ray soothed many of us. You haven’t seen someone put their heart and soul into a performance until you have seen Ray perform.

Afterwards, Herman Snell, the President of Crossroads Film Festival, announced the winners. There was not a big to do about the announcements, just a handing of the award to any winners that were there.

2008 Crossroads Film Festival Winners:

Music Video Fashionable Cameron McCasland
Experimental Doxology Michael Langan
Animated Film The Hunger Artist Tom Gibbons
Student Last Day of December Bogdan George Apetri
Narrative Short Spider Nash Edgerton
Documentary Short Hero, Wings are Not Necessary to Fly Angel Loza
Documentary Feature Beyond the Call Adrian Belic
Narrative Feature Disappearances Jay Craven
Director’s Choice Of All the Things Jody Lambert
RUMA Award Another Word for Family April Grayson
Youth What’s Up Curtis Everitt

April Grayson, the winner of the Ruma Award for most promising Mississippi filmmaker currently resides in Oxford. The film had previously played at the Oxford Film Festival in February. The audience award has not yet been announced but expect a blog as soon as we hear about it!

Day 4 is up next! Then stay tuned for a mini-review of the films I saw!

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