Happy Birthday, Scene

6 Apr

If you’re a friend of Scene’s on MySpace, you’ve probably noticed that it’s Scene’s birthday today.

Scene made its debut two years ago today. Allow me to skip merrily down memory lane as I celebrate Scene.

So I went to journalism school at Ole Miss. Like a lot of the j-school kids, I worked at the Student Media Center, mostly for The Daily Mississippian, the student newspaper. I worked my way up from staff reporter to city news editor to editor-in-chief. All the while, though, I kept a secret.

I knew I could never reveal my secret to any of my fellow SMC kids or professors, even the ones I was close with, like Ralph Braseth, Marty Russell or Ace Atkins.

I put on a smile doing all the things a good city news editor/reporter does – from covering murders to falling asleep at city council meetings to bugging the cops.

“I like doing this,” I told myself once at about midnight while covering a particularly bad car accident involving a bunch of Ole Miss students. “I really, really like this.”

No, I didn’t. I hated covering wrecks. I really didn’t care about what parts of the county the city planned to annex. I never felt a rush of excitement that night we chased a prisoner who’d escaped – I was just scared to death the whole time.

Instead I wanted to go to concerts. I wanted to get paid to listen to records and I wanted to be the first to know when a hotly-anticipated movie was hitting theaters.

That’s right – I wanted to be an entertainment reporter. But “entertainment” was such a dirty word in j-school that I never even really mentioned my dreams to anyone. I didn’t tell them that I never wanted to cover something gossip-y like the Beyonce-Jay-Z wedding, but that I’d rather talk to Jay about what influenced his new record or what Beyonce has up her sleeve for the Chess Records film.

So when Marty Russell – a Journal contributing columnist, The DM’s faculty adviser and one of my biggest mentors – told me the Journal wanted me to write for a new entertainment rag they were starting, I cried. Finally, my dream job was happening. And right in my back yard, no less.

I’ve always been the kid to take the entertainment world a little too seriously. It was never just a song on the radio; it was “my song.” It wasn’t just a TV show, it was an obsession.

There have been days I’ve felt like I needed to pinch myself because I landed such a great gig. I get to spend my time listening to CDs, watching “American Idol” and going to talk to bands or seeing them live. Those are all of my favorite things to do – and now I get paid to do them.

But what’s more important is that I hope Scene fills a need in NeMiss. I hope Scott and I have been able to turn our love for art and pop culture into something that you, the reader, can use and enjoy.

Maybe that’s the best part of working here – it’s not the (sometimes, not always) free CDs or the spending quality time with musicians. It’s knowing that our passion is passed on to y’all. If I can direct someone to a live show or to a particularly good movie via Scene, and make their lives that much more rich though that art, then I’ve done my job. And that makes for a happy Sheena.

OK. I’ve rambled long enough.

Any good birthday celebration needs happy, celebratory tunage..

“Bust a Move” by Young MC

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Scene”

  1. Pop-Rock Candy April 6, 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    “…..You look like a monkey, and you smell like one, too.”

    From all of us here at Pop-Rock Candy Mountain, “Happy BirthDay to The Scene!” Whoops, we mean “Scene!”

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