Crossroads Day 2, The Weather Channel Edition

5 Apr

Orian Williams, producer of Control at Q&A

(Orian Williams (left), producer of Control at the Q&A./Melanie Addington)

Crossroads Film Festival Day 2

By Melanie Addington

Note: Sorry for the delay but thanks to stormy weather, I had no internet until now.

Day 2 of Crossroads film festival started with a clap of thunder and lightning as a strong thunderstorm rolled through the middle of the state. A tornado touched down outside Clinton and a good portion of Jackson lost power. When I headed to the festival reception at Schimmel’s, it was still unclear whether we would even have power by 7 p.m. in time to see Anton Corbjin’s film, Control. But by 5:30 or so the skies had calmed to a reasonable drizzle and power was restored.

At Schimmels, nicely catered food and wine were out for filmmakers and V.I.P’s to relax away from the stormy day. A d.j. played in the upstairs of the very swanky restaurant and bar. It was a nice intimate setting and helped to set the tone for the rest of the evening. I met up with the Citizen director, James Darling, and quite a bit of the crew from Teary Sockets. Director Jackson Anderson was quite nervous at the lack of electricity and was hoping that the showing would go off without a hitch. Around 6:30 p.m. I headed to the theater, avoiding tree branches laid out on roads on my way.

The short film scheduled for tonight did not play but luckily the guys from The Code stepped in and showed a part of their series which included (Oxford’s own) Dent May’s video Oh Paris which premiered at the Oxford Film Festival in February.

Control followed to the half filled stadium theater (I was pleasantly surprised that so many showed with the weather being so bad!). Telling the tragic story of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division that committed suicide at 23, Control is a beautifully shot black and white film that has been taking film festivals by storm. The film won three awards at the 2007 Cannes as well as numerous other awards.

A review of the film will be available at Oxford Film Freak tomorrow.

Playing at the same time across the hall was the documentary What Would Jesus Buy about the commercialization of Christmas. The Q&A with the focus of the film, Reverend Billy, ran over and the Teary Sockets film scheduled for 9 p.m. began at 10 p.m. to a much smaller audience.

After the movies, Wiley and the Checkmates performed at Hal and Mal’s afterparty. The bar was not overly attended but the few film fest people there had a fun time. I had the opportunity to catch up with Jody Lambert, the Of All The Things director who just showed the film at On Location: Memphis last week and plays at Crossroads tomorrow. Also at the party was producer Orian Williams of Control who I commented on how much I enjoyed seeing a black and white film because the cinematography was just lovely. The party was still going strong when I took off at midnight.

Today is a big day as it is the first of the all day programming and panels begin around 9 a.m. ending with the awards ceremony at 9:30 p.m. Stay tuned tonight for the big winners and updates on day 3 of Crossroads Film festival.

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