“American Idol,” March 25

25 Mar

Tonight’s theme for the Top 10: Music from the year you were born.

It’s a 50/50 kind of night…some are good, some are scary.

Ramiele Malubay’s year is 1987 and her song is “Alone” by Heart. It doesn’t sound good at all, but they say she’s sick.
Randy said: Not a good song choice; too big for her; pitchy.
Paula said: She gives her tremendous credit since she’s sick, b/c she’s a very big talent.
Simon said: It wasn’t as bad as Randy said and she should make it through to next week.

Jason Castro’s year is also 1987 and his song is “Fragile.” He sang it with his guitar; I liked it.
Randy said: It was a good song choice but he didn’t do anything new with it.
Paula said: He’s staying true to who he is but at the same time he’s playing it safe.
Simon said: He’s had two bad weeks in a row; his guitar work was clumsy; he could potentially win the show but not if he keeps up these types of performances.

Syesha Mercado’s year is also 1987; her song choice is “If I Were Your Woman.” I really enjoyed her performance.
Randy said: It was a good moment for her and the best she’s sang all season. “It was stellar — I’m lovin’ it.”
Paula said: This will be the moment everyone remembers as the time when Syesha became the dark horse of the competition. She was pitch-perfect and brilliant.
Simon said: The best of the night so far but there’s a limit to her vocals and that song stretched it.

Chikezie’s year is 1985 and he sang “If Only For One Night.” It’s good but forgettable.
Randy said: He didn’t love it and it wasn’t hip or cool.
Paula said: He’s a throwback, but a good throwback.
Simon said: He sang it well but the performance was cheesy. He needs to show originality.

Brooke White’s year is 1983 and her song choice was “Every Breath You Take.” She had a misstep at the beginning and had to start over on like the first note or two, but picked it up from there. It’s just her on her piano until the end, when the band comes in. I have to agree w/ the judges here — I loved it til the band joined in.
Randy said: He liked that she restarted and she should’ve stayed without the band.
Paula said: She’s consistent.
Simon said: It was better without the band and she was good enough to go on to next week.

FINALLY Michael Johns decided to be awesome. His year was 1978 and he sang Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” It’s really, really good. I voted for the first time this season for him tonight.
Randy said: Finally he showed off his big voice and it was his best performance all season.
Paula said: He finally found the right song and it was his shining moment.
Simon said: It was the first time he saw Michael’s star potential; he looked like a frontman; and it was the only memorable performance of the show so far.

Carly Smithson’s year was 1983 and she sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I really thought she’d rock this out, but I don’t know, it just wasn’t that great. Perhaps it was because she looked/sounded more desperate than ever (esp. since landing in the bottom 3 last week).
Randy said: It wasn’t the right song for her.
Paula said: She did it well.
Simon said: Something didn’t work — she seemed more tense and uptight.

David Archuleta (who my mom calls “Little Bit”) sang “You’re the Voice.” His year is 1990.
HRandy said: It was a strange song choice but he can sing anything.
Paula said: He could sing the phonebook and it would be good.
Simon said: He sang it well on some parts but he didn’t like his performance at all.

Kristy Lee Cook’s year was 1984 and she sang “God Bless the U.S.A.”
When Kristy Lee — who has consistently been in the bottom 3 — sings this, it feels, to me, like she’s exploiting the song and what it means to people just to gain votes and stay on the show. Maybe I’m taking this too seriously.
Randy said: It was pitchy.
Paula said: Her voice is getting stronger every week.
Simon said: It was the “most clever” song choice (that’s a nice way of saying it) but her best performance so far.

David Cook’s year is 1982 and he saing Chris Cornell’s version of “Billie Jean,” so it’s a rocker-type version. OK — I know I hated on Castro a few weeks ago for basically remaking Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah,” and David pretty well sang Cornell’s version note-for-note. But I finally hopped on the David train this week. He’s got a great voice and sounded soo good on this song. David I’m cool with — his hair, not at all. Someone make it stop!
Randy said: He’s the most original, bold contestant they’ve ever had and he’s the one to win.
Paula said: He’s brave to sing that song.
Simon said: It was brave and amazing.

My choices to go home?
I’d love for Kristy Lee to get the boot, but…*sigh*
Ramiele and Chikezie in the bottom, for sure — it’s hard to pick who’ll round out the bottom 3, though.
Ramiele to go home. Of course, I’ve been totally wrong so far…so there’s a very good chance I’ll continue to be wrong.

That’s it, Scene kittehs. Catch back tomorrow to see who’s voted off.

One Response to ““American Idol,” March 25”

  1. claire March 26, 2008 at 8:23 am #

    i think the bottom three will be
    1.Kristy lee cook

    I hope David Archuleta, Carly and David Cook are safe

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