What’s Going On – Hamburger Hobos, new CDs, Beatles

11 Mar

Happy Tuesday….

  • Tupelo’s Hamburger Hobos will be having a special re-release party for their debut record, “Hobosexual.” It’s this Saturday at the Princess at about 9 p.m. There are limited copies of “Hobosexual” available, so get your paws on one! Bowzer is opening.
  • Click here to stream new CDs, like Corinth’s own Saving Abel and Randy Jackson’s “Music Club.”
  • There really isn’t a link for this but: Dave Clark Five is on iTunes!!!  Dave Clark Five is on iTunes!!!  *does a happy jig*
  • OK, so maybe that Beatles-iTunes deal is coming to a close…anyone else confused? 🙂
  • Here’s an interesting Q&A with “American Idol” exec producer Nigel Lythgoe and vocal coach Debra Byrd. Here’s what she said, in part, about this week’s Lennon-McCartney week: “It’s quite interesting for them, because a lot of them don’t know those songs.”
    I’ll be frank: I don’t want an American Idol who isn’t well-versed in the Beatles. End of discussion.
  • This is so stupid but I love it: a remake of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!” is in the works! Woot!

Thanks to Carlie for the tip – she recently attended a Tupelo C&VB meeting where they talked about the upcoming Tupelo Film Festival.

Mark your calendars – it’s going down May 15-17, and so far there are more than 100 entries.

The film commission has also been working with Michael Rose Productions on an Elvis doc set for the Biography Channel.

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