What’s Going On – Cockfight Club, Dave Matthews, WB

10 Mar

Merry Monday to y’all.

First up, we mourn the loss of The Red-Eye Report. Joshua Blake has moved on to bigger and better things, and we wish him all the best. Thanks Joshua!

OK, on to some news:

  • Tupelo’s own Cockfight Club will perform at OmegaCon in Birmingham this weekend. Click here to find out more about the sci-fi convention and what’s going on with it.
  • Dave Matthews Band is touring this summer, and they’ve got a date in Memphis. They’re touring with a host of folks, from Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings to O.A.R. to Willie Nelson. The Memphis date is with Willie.
  • The WB is back – yes, with “Gilmore Girls” – but as a Web site.
  • I wish I had WE so I could watch “High School Confidential” – it looks pretty interesting. Check out a story on it here.
  • Who knew Whitesnake had been around for 30 years? The band is celebrating its anniversary with a new CD.

So, what did you do this weekend? Go to any good shows? See any good movies?

I had tickets to see Henry Rollins’ spoken-word show in Memphis but was too sick to go. 😦 So I stayed home and watched an unbelievable amount of “Angel.”

What about you?

And – to the person looking for the box set of My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” – I was just in Best Buy and they have a copy of it there. I didn’t have the chance to check in other retailers like Album Alley, FYE or Circuit City, but I do know it’s in Best Buy and it’s selling for about $40. But as someone who has it, I’ve got to say, it’s well worth the price.

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