“American Idol,” March 5

6 Mar

Again, sorry this is a little late…I’ve got a yucky spring cold, you know the kind…

Although I think I’d feel much better if I could have a little of whatever the judges and Ryan was on last night…I don’t know what was up with them, but it was the craziest episode I’ve ever seen. I’m still lost on the whole “mutt” thing.

Anyway, the Top 8 girls were (mostly) great last night.
Asia’h Epperson did a perfectly bouncy version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”
Randy said: It’s a difficult song to sing but she pulled it off, and it was hot.
Paula said: She nailed it.
Simon said: It was, at best, a second-rate Whitney Houston (which Asia’h said she’d take) but it was good enough to be in the Top 12.

Kady Malloy sang Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” and I really can’t remember anything else about it.
Randy said: It was pretty good.
Paula said: It was her best performance to date.
Simon said: It was definitely better than last week but he has issues with her “massive lack of personality” (gosh, don’t we all?). And, she “may be in big trouble.”

Amanda Overmyer was great with her version of “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” You know why I like this chick so much? She refuses to play to the cameras, and she’s never done that, “oh here comes the camera, let me stare in it then look away like we’ve been taught to do” thing. It’s nice.
Randy said: She returned to the bluesy-rock style, and it was well done.
Paula said: That’s her niche and that’s why they fell in love with her.
Simon said: It was fantastic, she absolutely nailed it and it was one of his favorite girl performances as of late.

Carly Smithson sang “I Drove All Night.” Like last week, it’s good, but still nothing to go insane about.
Randy said: It was very good, another great performance.
Paula said: She’s like a dependable dog — always consistent.
Simon said: Again she didn’t choose the perfect song, and it’s not a good genre for her.

Kristy Lee Cook was next, singing “Faithfully” by Journey. It’s actually not that bad, even with her put-on twang on it. But I was distracted for a second week in a row by her bright red tongue. OK, Kristy Lee, time to admit it – you’re a vampire, right? You just got done sucking the life out of an innocent, right?
Either she’s a vamp or she just got done eating a cherry Popsicle before going on stage for the second week in a row.
Randy said: It was a great song and it could work as a country single.
Paula said: It could be a hit in county music.
Simon said: It was good but she’s totally forgettable, since she’s battling bigger voices and bigger personalities.

Ramiele Malubay sang Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds.” It’s not bad.
Randy said: She delivered a pretty good vocal but needs more confidence.
Paula said: She has an innocent, pure voice and needs to be in the Top 12.
Simon said: It was very old fashioned and there was no “big money note.”

Brooke White sang “Love is a Battlefield.” She sat at the edge of the stage and a kind-of scary faceless guy played acoustic guitar behind her; that was the only music accompanying her.  It was a quieter, more soulful version of this song.
I don’t know that I’ll buy any of the contestants’ songs off of iTunes, but I’ll definitely be buying this. It was really that cool.
Randy said: He really liked it but she didn’t bring anything new to the song.
Simon said: It was a very wise choice, but she wished she would’ve used more of the band.
Simon said: He liked it that she didn’t use any more of the band, it was original and she made it into her own for the second week in a row.

Syesha Mercado sang “Saving All My Love For You.” I don’t remember much about this one…sorry.
The judges must have run out of time b/c they only gave one or two-word answers.
Randy said: “Good.”
Paula said: “Sophisticated, lovely.”
Simon said: “Predictable but good.”

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