What’s Going On – Memphis in May, NIN

4 Mar

First of all, let’s talk some entertainment I’ve taken in this weekend.

Friday I took my mom to see Rascal Flatts and Kellie Pickler at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. She’s a big fan so she really enjoyed the show. I guess I was just pretty stunned at the whole huge big spectacle – but I loved the beginning of RF’s show with the lightning.

Anyone else go? Anyone from NeMiss actually make it to the pit via their text messages? Share your experiences…

I also caught “La Vie En Rose” last night. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch it instantly on your computer. Anyway, I really never knew much at all about Edith Piaf, and this movie told me all about her in an unconventional but beautiful way. And Marion Cotillard’s performance is amazing. Simply amazing.
Be sure to catch this movie — you won’t regret it.
On to a little news…

  • Speaking of Memphis, the line-up for the Beale St. Music Festival will be announced this Thursday. Tune in here – I’ll make sure you get the news! This year’s honored country, by the way, is Turkey.
  • Click here to vote for Daniel Lee. His shortened “Memphis Zombie Attack” could be released on the DVD of George Romero’s “Diary of the Dead.” Vote away!
  • Columbus rock band Satan and the Saints are now Man vs. Gravity. Click on the new band name to hear some new tuneage.
  • Click here to gander at the new Gnarls Barkley video. Watch out for the Justin Timberlake cameo.
  • For Savage Garden/Darren Hayes fans: Darren’s second solo record, “The Tension & the Spark,” has finally been released in the U.S. via iTunes. Darren took quite a different turn for this record – called the best of his career – and his label refused to release it in America. It’s here now!
  • All of us at work have been both entertained and troubled by Garfield Minus Garfield. It’s a site full of Garfield comic strips with Garfield removed. That Jon Arbuckle is more disturbing now than ever…

This is pretty entertaining: someone filmed Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood covering “Umbrella” at a recent concert:

One Response to “What’s Going On – Memphis in May, NIN”

  1. Ginny March 4, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    hey, hurry up and post about idol! i missed tonight’s show.

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