“American Idol,” Feb. 27

27 Feb

Since the beginning of “American Idol”‘s seventh season, Ryan Seacrest has promised us the best talent the show has ever found.

Friends, we’ve been fooled. Ryan Seacrest has lied to us all. It is a sad day in America, indeed.

*sigh* Bear with me as I recount the worst show in “Idol” history.

The top 10 girls tonight were pretty bad, for the most part. It was a strange night — each of the judges told nearly all the girls that “they’re the one to beat” or that they’re a great vocalist but they chose a terrible song.

I’m not sure what was worse — the performances or “Idol”‘s stylist. Everyone looked terrible, and I think Amanda Overmeyer was as afraid of her hair as everyone else was.

Miss Idol Controversy Carly Smithson started the night off with “Crazy On You.” It’s good, but she still hasn’t won me over. I’m glad her hair has some volume this week, though!
Randy said: It was good towards the end; it was alright.
Paula said: Happy to hear Carly’s healthy (she was sick last week) — she’s an amazing singer.
Simon said: Much better than last week but she still hasn’t chosen the perfect song. No other girl can touch her vocally, and she’s the one to beat.

Syesha Mercado tackled “Me and Mr. Jones.” I actually really really liked this…looks like I’m the only one.
Randy said: It wasn’t a good song choice and she seemed uninterested in parts.
Paula said: She liked Syesha’s interpretation of the song.
Simon said: It was indulgent and silly.

Brooke White sang “You’re So Vain” and played her guitar. That’s right, folks, the first three performances were really the best (maybe only the first and third if you believe the judges) — it gets way worse than this. Anyway, Brooke was awesome.
Randy said: Great song choice but she didn’t bring anything new to it.
Paula said: Perfect song choice and it totally suited her.
Simon said: He LOVED it. And yes, he thought the song was about him.

Ramiele Malubay sang “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Not very good.
Randy said: It was rough.
Paula said: She’s the one to beat, but she didn’t “get to perform her magic” on this song.
Simon said: She was much better last week, but she’s one of the top 3 vocalists in the competition.

Kristy Lee Cook — let me be quite frank here — she has GOT to stop standing/crouching with her legs open like that. Looks like she wishes she were singing while riding a horse. She sang “You’re No Good.”
Randy said: 100 percent improvement over last week but no breakout moments.
Paula said: Good song choice.
Simon said: Huge improvement but she needs to make a statement.

Amanda Overmeyer sang “Carry On My Wayward Son.” It’s far from her best.
Randy said: It’s not a singer’s song.
Paula said: She doesn’t need to worry about sounding too much like Janis Joplin, etc., nad just do what feels right.
Simon said: Indulgent song choice and he didn’t really get it.

Alaina Whitaker sang “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” Anyone else get the feeling she was a little stalker-ish on this?
Randy said: Really pitchy and not the right song.
Paula said: She did a good job.
Simon said: It was old-fashioned and it looked like her grandma helped her prepare (from her scary blue dress and the way she sang it). But, he says she might be the dark horse to win the competition.

Alexandrea Lushington sang “If You Leave Me Now.” There’s nothing special about it.
Randy said: It was a safe song choice. She has mad vocal skills but it was safe and boring.
Paula said: She made it her own.
Simon said: It was boring.

Kady Malloy shows us that she can be an opera singer too. Anyone else think she’s just really good at imitating everything? Anyway, she sang “Magic Man.”
Randy said: It didn’t work.
Paula said: The power in her voice is great but her low notes are bad.
Simon said: It didn’t go anywhere.

Asiah’ Epperson sang “All By Myself.” It was pretty good.
Randy said: She sang the most difficult song of the entire show, so he gave her kudos on that.
Paula said: She has problems with her low notes.
Simon said: That’s one of the biggest diva songs ever and s he’s not a diva — in fact, she’s “not that good of a singer.”

Wow. After tonight, I think about any girl — EXCEPT Carly, Brooke and Asia’h, maybe even Amanda — could go home.

For the guys, I’d love to see Robbie go, but I think all of the Nickleback/Hinder kind of fans in the world will keep him in another week. I’m going with Luke and Jason.

Sorry, by the way, if this post looks weird — I’m writing it from home and my computer has decided to hate WordPress.

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