What’s Going On – Princess Theater, Tim & Eric, CDs

26 Feb

Happy windy messy ugly-outside Tuesday and here’s to it getting prettier.:)

Some happiness in the form of entertainment bits:

  • Thanks to Carlie for this one: A writer, Scott Morris (no, not Scene’s M. Scott) writes about getting advice from one of my favorite profs at Ole Miss, Ace Atkins.
  • Columbus’ Princess Theater is turning 2 this weekend, and Killjay, The Cemetery Surfers, Betrayal and Frail Destruction will celebrate. Get more info here.
  • Click here to stream new records by Dolly Parton, Webbie, Cheri Dennis and Salvador Santana Band.
  • A few months ago I bought the “Angel” box set on Amazon for about $70. Today they’ve got an even better deal – today it’s $56. Get this now, folks, seriously.
  • Sure, it’s a little random, but it works: Sonic Youth will perform at the Dickson St. Music Festival in Arkansas in April.
  • Memorial Day 2009 will be a busy movie weekend – the new “Terminator” flick and the second “Night at the Museum” will open.
  • “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” is going on tour (closest date is in Atlanta).
  • I haven’t been able to post the Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel videos that are getting so much hype (sorry, I like my job and I don’t think the videos fall in line with our mission statement), but here’s a story about them.

This song makes me super-happy. It’s “American Boy” by Estelle f/ Kanye West. And now it has a video!

One Response to “What’s Going On – Princess Theater, Tim & Eric, CDs”

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