“American Idol,” Feb. 20

21 Feb

Again, sorry this is late, I had to cover Kid Rock last night!

It was Top 12 girls Wednesday night, and the theme still stuck.

Apparently a bad flu or bronchitis was going around and a few of the girls were sick. But, even sickly Carly Smithson said that wasn’t an excuse. I don’t know, though – some of them really looked like they felt terrible.

Up first was the sickly Kristy Lee Cook. I didn’t mind her country-ish version of “Rescue Me,” but it simply wasn’t great. And she’s got to stop that horrid-looking straddle-standing thing.
Randy said: It was pitchy and rough around the edges.
Paula said: Even though she’s sick, she shouldn’t let that get in the way of her performance.
Simon: Her performance was robotic.

Next was Joanne Borgella. She sounded great but just stood there, almost like a deer in headlights. She sang “I Say a Little Prayer For You.”
Randy said: She was obviously nervous but it was pretty good.
Paula said: She needs to show confidence.
Simon: He didn’t like it at all. He said he doesn’t accept the “nerves” excuse and that if you can’t get over them, you don’t deserve to be a star.

Alaina Whitaker took on “More Today Than Yesterday,” and while I wrote down that I liked it, I honestly can’t remember one thing about it now as I’m typing this. Not a good sign.
Randy said: It was a little rough but alright.
Paula said: She nailed it.
Simon said: It was very good even though he hates the song.

Amanda Overmeyer did a good job of “Baby, Please Don’t Go.” She promises she’ll never sing Janis Joplin again, but this song is pretty Janis-like. Still, she rocked it out.
Randy said: Loved it.
Paula said: She loves everything Amanda does.
Simon said: He really likes her and hopes she stays around for a while.

Amy Davis sang “Where the Boys Are.” It felt very pageant-y and way way way too old for her.
Randy said: He didn’t think it was great, and it was pitchy.
Paula said: The camera loves Amy but her nerves got the best of her.
Simon said: “It was what it was” – boring and very cabaret.

Brooke White sang “Happy Together” (imagine that). I actually liked it, though.
Randy said: It started rough but she got it together by the end and he suggested she “slay” the song.
Paula said: She’s original and picked the right song.
Simon said: “I feel like I’m in a commercial for washing-up liquid.” Besides that he said she sang it quite well.

Alexandria Lushington probably had the best performance of the night, with her faaabulous take on “Spinning Wheels.” She looked like she was having a blast and she sounded great.
Randy said:  “You blew the doors off of that…that was hot.”
Paula said: She took control of her performance and had a lot of confidence.
Simon said: He didn’t get it. The vocals were great but it felt like a musical.

Kady Malloy did a nice job of “Groovy Kind of Love” but she didn’t do anything new to it. We were reminded that she does a dead-on impersonation of Britney Spears.
Randy said: It was OK.
Paula said: It was pretty but she needs to show more personality.
Simon said: “It was like the night of the living dead.” When she’s Britney, she’s great, but when she’s Kady, she’s boring.

Asia’h Epperson did a great job of “Piece of My Heart.”
Randy said: She brought herself into it and he was impressed.
Paula said: She had a lot of fun with the song and had some good moments.
Simon said: It was his favorite of the night because she let herself go and didn’t take herself too seriously.

Ramiele Malubay sang “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” I liked it but I just need to see more of this girl.
Randy said: He loved it.
Paula said: She’s a force to be reckoned with.
Simon said: He didn’t like her when he first saw her at auditions, but she outsang everyone tonight.

Syesha Mercado did a solid job of “Tobacco Road.”
Randy said:  She can definitely sing but it was  a little pitchy.
Paula said: She’s consistent, joyful, fun and big.
Simon said: It wasn’t her best but she’s probably one of the most talented girls in the competition.

Carly Smithson finished the night with “Shadow of Your Smile.” Parts of it were great but overall I wasn’t that impressed. Blame the flu.
Personal note to Carly: Look, I’m a poor journalist, but even I spent $30 on volumizing products lately. You’re an “Idol” contestant…get them to buy it for you. Do something with that dreadful hair NOW.
Randy said: Though she’s sick it was the best vocal of the entire Top 24 and it was “blazing hot.”
Paula said: She’s reliable (yeah I don’t really get that either).
Simon said: It was a letdown. There’s been so much hype over her, but her performance was “too old-fashioned” and he didn’t think it was fantastic.

If Kristy Lee Cook had never ever sang “Amazing Grace,” she would be going home tonight — alas, she’ll stay, I’m sure, for a while.
I think the two going home will be Joanne and Amy.

OK — I’ve got to work late again tonight, so I won’t be able to post right away who was booted off tonight’s show. But once I find out, I’ll post it on here late tonight or Friday morning.

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  1. Ginny February 21, 2008 at 11:12 pm #

    You are so right about Irish girl’s hair!


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