The Red-Eye Report, Feb. 18

17 Feb


As I lay face down in the mud and long grass, I try to steady my breathing. I just covered 20 feet crawling on my belly trying to reach the safety of a bunker. As I contemplate my next move, incoming fire rattles against the wall I’m using as cover. Countless rounds whiz by my head, slamming into the abandoned car behind me. I return fire with my MP5 in hopes of hitting my aggressors. After the 30-minute firefight, a sniper’s bullet hits me in the leg, to which I reply, “Hit.”

No, I’m not playing Call of Duty 4 or one of the numerous World War II video games available on every platform. I’m in Dennis, Miss., playing a form of simulated combat known as airsoft.

What started off two years ago as six guys playing with $30 guns has evolved into almost 20 people using 1:1 scale replicas that can cost as much a $1500.

Unlike paintball, these guns use plastic pellets as ammo and, like the round that tagged me, can be fired as fast as 450 feet per second.

So, if the pellets are solid, how do you know if you hit someone? “If you think you were hit, then you were,” said Chad Hastings of Belmont. How true it is. When you get hit by one of these rounds, you know it.

The kinds of guns used were varied. M14s, MP5s and sniper rifles were all accounted for. What gave me the most trouble was a SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon that fires at an insane rate and kept me pinned down for most of the night.

I had a great night – or as great of a night you can have while being shot at. I would like to give a special thanks to Chad, Brandon, Gavin, Daniel and all the guys for inviting me out. I’ll be back again soon.

That’s all for this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

One Response to “The Red-Eye Report, Feb. 18”

  1. poprockcandy February 17, 2008 at 10:49 pm #

    Nice job, dude. I had never heard of this before–very informative.

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