“American Idol,” Feb. 13 — TOP 24

13 Feb

Saltillo’s Drew Poppelreiter was eliminated from “American Idol” tonight.

He made it to the Top 50 but couldn’t crack the Top 24. He said it was alright, though — he’d make it home for turkey season.

Alright, America, here’s your Top 24:

  1.  Carly Smithson — The Irish chick is in.
  2.  David Cook — Even though his guitar playing and scary Hollywood audition was super bad, he’s in.
  3. Amanda Overmeyer — Yes!! Rocker chick!
  4. David Archuleta — Yes!! I’m not sure how far this kid can make it through — he is only 16 — but I’ve loved everything I’ve seen of him so far.
  5. Kristy Lee Cook — Please don’t sing “Amazing Grace” every week and we’ll be just dandy.
  6. Brooke White — I’m excited to see what she’ll do in the Top 24.
  7. Danny Noriego — Like David A., he may not make it far, but he makes me smile.
  8. Jason Castro — Anonymous guy who needs to make a name for himself in the Top 24.
  9. Luke Menard — Ditto.
  10. Alexandria Lushington — Ditto.
  11. Ramiele Malubay — We’ve seen just a tiny bit of her so far, too, so she needs to prove herself next week.
  12. Michael Johns — Sheena’s “AI” Crush Of The Year made it through! Woot!
  13. Syesha Mercado — I’ll bet she’ll wow us again next week.
  14. Robbie Carrico — Who? Oh yeah, another person who will have to tell us who he is come next week.
  15. Garrett Haley — Ditto.
  16. Kady Malloy — One Scene Now reader is excited for her so I’ll be excited for her too.
  17. Chickezie Eze — I wish my name was Chickezie Eze.
  18. Amy Davis — Another girl who needs to show off next week.
  19. Alaina Whitaker — The only thing I remember about her is I didn’t like her first audition…prove me wrong, Alaina.
  20. Jason Yeager — I think he’s good…don’t remember him much.
  21. Asia’h Epperson — Asia’h is wonderful!
  22. David Hernandez — Simon gave him a pretty stern warning that he needs to step up, and I hope he does.
  23. Colton Berry — No idea who he is but he beat out presidential hopeful Kyle Ensley (who Simon wanted to be in the Top 24).
  24. Joanne Borgella — Love Love Love this girl.

There you have it!

The competition stars next week!

Speaking of competition…

Pop-Rock Candy Mountaindoes hereby challenge Sheena’s Scene Now to an old fashioned American Idol dance off. The rules are simple: Each week, both blogs will predict who is going to get voted-off all the way down to who each blog thinks will win. Winner buys the loser a Coke.”

Personally I think we should have a Dance Dance Revolution competition, as I am a grand master flash of DDR, but I wasn’t the one who put up the challenge. 🙂

Your challenge is hereby accepted, sir. By the way, I prefer Yoo-Hoos…

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