In the Arena, 2/1

1 Feb


It’s been an interesting week at the Arena.  We went from a horse show to a full blown rodeo (complete with an unwelcome ice storm) to a trade show.  How do we do that?  Funny you should ask.  That’s the topic of this week’s blog…

This was a fairly simple changeover for us.  The Lipizzaner show ends around 9:30PM and they were completely out of the building by 10:30PM.  At that point the rodeo staff began setting up the gates, chutes, and other equipment necessary for staging the rodeo.

This changeover was not so simple.  The rodeo staff began the load out process immediately following their last performance on Saturday night.  By Sunday morning, the dirt contractor was removing the 42 truckloads of dirt he had brought in the previous Monday.  Sunday afternoon our crew flooded the arena floor with water to wash the leftover dirt out of the building. Monday morning our crew returned, used a scrubber to further clean the arena floor, and then covered the floor with carpet.  Once the floor was covered, we began setting up the booths that will be used by the trade show.  When we left the building Monday evening, the trade show setup was complete, allowing for the vendors to enter Tuesday morning and set up their displays.

Of course, while we had crews working on the arena floor we also had a separate crew focusing on the concourse, restrooms, and seating bowl to ensure that the building is clean from top to bottom.  It would be nice if the dirt all stayed on the arena floor, but unfortunately it ends up all over the building.  Thankfully the barn smell didn’t linger…

That’s a condensed version of our past week.  None of this would be possible without a very dedicated group of operations department employees, led by our Arena Operations Director Craig Russell.  His crew puts in many hours behind the scenes to make sure that each event runs smoothly.  Now it’s on to our next challenge:  Charity Ball to Gaither Homecoming to Winter Jam on back to back to back days.  That should be a fun weekend!  Maybe we’ll get some rest in July…

Until next week,


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