“American Idol,” Jan. 29

29 Jan

Sorry for the late postingness, but it took a while to get back to a computer…evil winds and such. Dude, what’s up with that?

Anyway. On to tonight’s show…

The first person shown from Omaha making it to Hollywood was Jason Rich (I think I’m right on that last name?). He was so nervous he couldn’t remember the words to “When You Say Nothing At All.” Finally he got over his nerves and sang the song pretty well. The hot stuff is going to Hollywood, but Simon warned him he wouldn’t give him another chance like that.

Rachel Wicker, a semi-scary arm wrestler, is going through based on her performance of “Don’t Tell Me To Stop Loving You.” It was pretty good but she sounded way older than her 23 years.

Samantha Sidley sang “Don’t Know Why” and sang it just like Norah Jones. Any other time the judges would’ve scolded that, but since Ryan and Paula did a switcheroo (long story), everyone was too busy cracking jokes to really give her any criticism. She’s alright but needs to stop sounding just like another artist.

And enter our sob story for the evening. Angelica Puente, 17, is estranged from her dad (she says he’s too strict, so she moved out), yet she’s auditioning. She sang “The Power of Love,” one of those songs no one should ever sing ever. It’s Celine Dion, you know? Leave Celine alone. Anyway. She did an OK job but sang it just like Celine. The judges warned her about that (told you they’d do that if it weren’t for the clownin’), but put her through anyway. Ryan calls Angelica’s dad, who says, “She’s always been my American Idol.” Awww…

My mom and I nearly came to blows over poor David Cook. He sang Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It was pretty good. But, bless him, David looked like he had a gun stuck to the back of his head, like someone was forcing him to sing that song. Zero personality. Randy told him to “work on some persona.” I told my mom I agreed with Randy, that poor David Cook bored me to tears, but he apparently went right to her heart. I wanted a pleasant evening so I stayed quiet after that. 🙂

The last to make it through was Leo Marlowe who did a decent job of “A Song For You.” Pretty good version but I’d nearly forgotten him and the show’s not even two hours old.

That’s it for tonight.

Remember, there will be NO “IDOL” BLOG tomorrow (Wednesday)! I will post some other blogs and sites that give “Idol” rundowns, though. Perhaps that will make up for my absence? 🙂

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