What’s Going On – New Albumpalooza, HSM

15 Jan

A happy nugget of musical goodness: if you love music, please check out Coconut Records.
I’ve read about this band (ok, it’s pretty much just Jason Schwartzman) on a couple of blogs and finally decided to give it a listen last week. I listened to some songs on the band’s MySpace and fell in love. I haven’t downloaded the entire album, “Nighttiming,” but I’m close to it.

“West Coast” is possibly one of the greatest songs ever. I’ve listened to it millions (or at least it feels like millions) of times and I’ve only had it since Friday.

Alright, on to other newsy bits.

  • In case you haven’t heard, here’s the Golden Globe winners.
  • Going to the Foo Fighters show in Memphis? Here’s a story on what to expect.
  • The third installment of “High School Musical” comes to the big screen Oct. 24.
  • Love Celine Dion and/or Garth Brooks? Then you’ll heart CBS.

Thanks to copy desker and fellow Whedonite Heath for this gem: it’s a list of the worst Olan Mills pics. My favorite is the rejected Toby Keith album cover. 🙂

Also thanks to Heath, my “Angel” box set came in the mail yesterday…anyone else want to join me in an “Angel” marathon? I’ll be trying to watch an episode a day until I finish the show and I’ll be happy to discuss here if anyone else is game. Just don’t expect me to be chipper by the time Connor rolls around.

Speaking of TV, “American Idol” kicks off tonight, and I’ll blog about the show after each episode. Give me a little time – I probably can’t have them all up until after 10 p.m. or so.

See you tonight!

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