What’s Going On – Willie, Ghost Hunters

10 Jan

Good Thursday to you all. I don’t work on Fridays, so Thursday is like my Friday. And I must say, I’m certainly feeling TGIF-ish today.

Here are some news bits for ya…

  • I found out about a new Willie Nelson album about the time Scene went to press yesterday. To pre-order it or watch Willie’s video for his cover of Dave Matthews’ “Gravedigger,” click here.
  • Hannah Montana’s friends are taking over the world! Aly and A.J. are working on a new album and movies! When will it all stop? (kidding, of course:))
  • Not so good news going into the new “American Idol” season: Katharine McPhee “leaves”/is dropped from RCA. Simon Cowell is talking about all these Idols leaving/getting dropped from their labels and his future on the show here.
  • For more on the future of Led Zeppelin, see what John Paul Jones has to say in this interview.

Fellow “Ghost Hunters” fans – what are your thoughts on the new team and show, “Ghost Hunters International”?
I went into it knowing nothing except one thing – that if Steve, who so fears flying, wasn’t on the show, there was a good chance I wouldn’t watch. Then I found out not even Jason or Grant would be on there either. Instead, the team is made up of Donna (who’s pretty cool), Brian (who I’m iffy about), and a couple new cats. I’m sorry, but the new team leader, Robb, just freaks me out.
I’m interested in all of those old places in Europe so I guess I’ll watch for that…but at the same time, I really don’t want to watch if Jason, Grant and Steve aren’t on there. I’m loyal, I suppose.

OK. I know I’m made fun of hardcore for my ‘Buffy’ adoration, but maybe some fellow Buffy geeks out there will appreciate this. Check out this Buffy song by Megan Gogerty: “I Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It’s such a funny song…just give it a minute. So true for all of us old Buffy fans.

Best lyrics: “And I never could get into watching ‘Angel,’ God knows I tried/And ‘Firefly’ was lovely but it was gone in like a day.”
“I want metaphorical mythology coupled with ontological authenticity/I really don’t think that’s too much to ask of a show/And I’m this close to reading fanfiction, but writing this song is pathetic enough/It’s just, when you love something, it’s hard to let it go…and yeah, I have the DVDs. I guess they’ll have to do.”

*sigh* amen.

By the way…with this song and others (think: “Joss Whedon is My Master Now”)…why can’t we make an “I Miss Buffy” CD full of songs dedicated to Buffy/Joss?

One Response to “What’s Going On – Willie, Ghost Hunters”

  1. Sofy July 16, 2008 at 6:35 pm #

    Xander was never really a character I loved, but from Megan’s album, his song was probably my favorite. So sweet. Sunnydale Saturday Night and I Didn’t Write a Song About Angel are great too. They’re all awesome. Made me go awww, laugh my ass off, and then feel so sad and nostalgic that I immediately brought out my Buffy DVDs. Wonderful album 😀 .

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