Best music of 2007…singles

27 Dec

There’s a chance you haven’t heard one of my top singles of the year, “Me Myself and (I)” by Darren Hayes.

Check out his super cool video:

Here are a few more videos of my favorite singles:

“You and I,” Cut Off Your Hands

“Sometimes It Takes Balls to be a Woman,” Elizabeth Cook

More top tracks of the year…

“The Take Over, the Break’s Over,” Fall Out Boy
“Young Folks,” Peter Bjorn and John
“Smile,” Lily Allen
“The Underdog,” Spoon
“The Pretender,” Foo Fighters
“You Made Me Like It,” 1990s
“You Know I’m No Good,” Amy Winehouse
“Antichrist Television Blues,” Arcade Fire
“Give It To Me,” Timbaland f/ Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado
“Ruby,” Kaiser Chiefs
“Church Mouth,” Portugal. The Man
“Makes Me Wonder,” Maroon 5
“Oh My God,” Mark Ronson f/ Lily Allen

One single I meant to mention either in Scene or on here is “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus. Don’t make fun of me – sure, it’s fluffy pop, but really catchy fluffy pop.

I bought my little cousin an iPod for Christmas so I filled it with lots of Disney-type music, and the only artist that’s been worth listening to is Cyrus. Her single “See You Again” is super catchy and fun, and there’s not a lot of that to go around this time of year. If I could find a really good video of it, I’d totally post it…alas. Just take my word for it, and don’t feel silly for listening to Hannah Montana. 🙂

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