Best music of 2007…albums

27 Dec

Here are videos from my favorite albums of the year:

1. “Kala” by M.I.A.
Video: “Bird Flu”

2. “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank,” Modest Mouse
Video: “Dashboard”

3. “Night Falls Over Kortedala,” by Jens Lekman
Video: “Sipping on Sweet Nectar”

4. “Emotionalism” by the Avett Brothers
Video: “Paranoia in B Flat Major”

5. “Easy Tiger,” Ryan Adams
Video: “Two”

6. “Anchors and Anvils” by Amy LaVere
Video: “Killing Him”

7. “Jealous Me Was Killed by Curiosity” by Moros Eros
Video: “On My Side”

8. “Cease to Begin” by Band of Horses
Video: “No One’s Gonna Love You”

9. “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” Of Montreal
Video: “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse”

10: “American Gangster,” Jay-Z
Video: “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is…)”

Talk to me about your favorites of 2007, ask questions, make comments…leave your mark!

2 Responses to “Best music of 2007…albums”

  1. nickev December 28, 2007 at 3:21 am #

    Great list!!
    MIA really did a great job this year, she totally earned the ‘Best 2007 album’ with kala and here’s why.

  2. sheenabarnett December 28, 2007 at 4:17 pm #

    Thank ya kindly. I never got tired of hearing “Kala,” and I doubt I ever will. 🙂

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