Post-Christmas blues

26 Dec

It looks like a lot of people are still celebrating Christmas, so there’s not a lot of news to report. So I think I’ll ramble for a bit.

Alright, I’m not so blue that Christmas is over. On Christmas Eve, I started getting a little misty-eyed, wishing I had one more week to look at lights, put finishing touches on gifts and visit with folks. But by the latter part of Christmas Day, it hit me – hey, the fuss of the holidays are over! No more white chocolate-covered Ritz to make! No more worrying! I’ll miss the holidays; I always do. But I sure won’t miss that fuss.

So what’s your post-Christmas music? I’m sure lots of you cats got new music for Christmas, so don’t be ashamed to share it. I got my mom Keith Urban’s greatest hits, so she rocked out to that all day yesterday.

Speaking of parent presents – in Monday’s paper, my column listed my top 10 Christmas wishes. One of them was that my dad would like his Christmas gift, and he loved it! I got him a DVD player, the first season of “24” and “Stand By Me.” He was really excited about the movie – he had it on all day and he’s sneak back into his room to watch bits of it here and there. Kind of funny. Every so often we’d hear a train whistle and say, yep, he’s watching “Stand By Me” again. πŸ™‚

Back to post-Christmas tunes. The first thing I listened to this morning was Peter Bjorn and John‘s “Writer’s Block,” because that’s what I had on last night. That was fine but then I decided I needed something else…so I put my iPod on “The Beatles” and I’m letting it play through all the albums. Right now I’m on “Abbey Road.” My favorite Beatles album changes every so often – first it was “Revolver,” then the White Album, then “Sgt. Pepper’s,” but now it’s “Abbey Road.” I mean, really, is there a better piece of music in existence than “Sun King”?? OK. “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” or “Something” might be better. Might. Gosh I love this album.

Speaking of music still, have any of you had a chance to see VH1’s list of the best songs of the 90s? Here’s the complete list.

I’ve only caught bits and pieces – I apparently fussed over a lot this holiday so I haven’t had much time – but it seems like a pretty good list. I still feel like rambling so I thought I’d discuss a few of the choices, and mention a few they forgot:

1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Nirvana – I still remember the first time I saw the video, and I still remember watching Kurt Loder announce that Kurt Cobain had killed himself.
2. “One,” U2 – Possibly my favorite U2 song ever. There are few songs that are as beautiful as this.
11. “Jeremy,” Pearl Jam – I was 9 when this song came out and I super loved it and the video. I think that scared my parents.
15. “Under the Bridge,” Red Hot Chili Peppers – I still remember hearing this song for the first time. My mom and I used to make fun of the way ole Anthony sang it – “take me to da place I luuuuuve.”
24. “Jump Around,” House of Pain – For some reason this was a huge inside joke when I was in high school. My friend James and I used to sing it all the time to each other…no idea why now. Maybe he remembers?
26. “My Name Is,” Eminem – I discovered this week that my dad has an (edited) album by Eminem he listens to all the time. So I burned him a copy of Jay-Z’s new record in the hopes he’ll listen to Jay-Z instead.
27. “Mr. Jones,” Counting Crows – My mom is still in love with this one.
40. “I Wanna Sex You Up,” Color Me Badd – My cousin loved this song but it always oogied me out. Granted I was too young to understand what it meant. I just knew it sounded oogie.
43. “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” En Vogue – L.O.V.E. this song.
45. “Only Wanna Be With You,” Hootie & the Blowfish – This song made it on the list but “Hold My Hand” didn’t? Where were these folks during the 90s?
48. “3 a.m.,” Matchbox Twenty – I super super loved Matchbox Twenty during the 90s. Saw them four times. They annoy me now but I still love Rob Thomas’ voice. They actually put out a few good tunes here and there – like “3 a.m.” and “If You’re Gone” – so I probably should put them on my iPod.
59. “Buddy Holly,” Weezer – One of the best videos ever.
67. “Groove is in the Heart,” Deee-lite – Online quizzes are pretty stupid but one told me this was my theme song once…and it was so true! Such a fun song.
66. “I’ll Be,” Edwin McCain – When my grandma was in the hospital, my dad and I bought my mom Edwin McCain’s album to cheer her up.
68. “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” Will Smith – My news layout designer at The Daily Mississippian had the last name of Thigpen, so we used his name in many a song: “Gettin’ Thiggy wit it!” and “Thiggy Thiggy Thiggy, can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.” He got into the Smith song and even would sing the na-na part of the song sometimes.
78. “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Lenny Kravitz – I’m a nerd and I’m not cool, which is why I choreographed a clog dance to this song once. It was actually kind of good…but again I’m a nerd and not cool.
81. “I Don’t Want to Wait,” Paula Cole – Two slightly-related points: a) I saw Paula Cole once when she opened up for Matchbox Twenty (aah, the days of the Pyramid in Memphis), and b) I really don’t like this song but I love “Dawson’s Creek.” Please don’t tell anyone.
88. “Barely Breathing,” Duncan Sheik – I super loved Duncan Sheik in the 90s too. I don’t think people give him enough credit for his music, because a lot of it is so gorgeous.
90. “You Get What You Give,” New Radicals – I also got into the New Radicals in the 90s, but this song warranted No. 90 on the list? Really?
93. “Stay,” Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories – If I made a list of the top songs of the 90s, this would top my list. It’s scary how much I worshipped this song. It’s a great song and on the plus side I discovered Lisa Loeb, who I still think is pretty freaking awesome.
Forgotten favorites
“Just a Girl,” No Doubt: Love, love, love.
“Closer,” Nine Inch Nails: Brilliant, bloody brilliant.
“Bittersweet Symphony,” The Verve: Ahh, my mind swims when I hear this song.
“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” The Proclaimers: Alright, I guess it’s not “great,” but I do love it quite a bit.

Alright, I’ve rambled a lot today. Talk back – tell me your 90s favorites, tell me what you got for Christmas, whatever. Just ramble. πŸ™‚

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