What’s Going On – Best albums, Trebek

12 Dec

Song of the day (actually the last two): “Aspidistra” by the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. Totally buying their record once I get home.

Speaking of albums, I learned something new today. I always wondered why the RIAA didn’t get their underoos in a wad because folks rip their CDs to their mp3 players. But wait – apparently they do.
According to the RIAA, ripping your CD to your mp3 player is creating an “unauthorized copy.” I can understand that, but at the same time, I can’t, either. I still contend that if I plunk down $19.99 for one CD (not even a double album) at a store, I should be able to do what I want with it. I mean, really, $19.99?

Alright, off the soap box and on to some news.

  • Strike update – striking writers are delivering huge tubs of pencils to the media megaheads. Check out this video featuring Joss Whedon, etc. dumping pencils.
  • My head is spinning…it’s a huge list of everyone’s best albums of the year.
  • Here are the worst duets ever.

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