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What’s Going On – Zeppelin, Panic

11 Dec

Happy Tuesday to you.

I’ve got “Rufus Does Judy” in my ears (look for a review in the Dec. 20 issue of Scene, woo-hoo) and antibiotics attacking this muck in my head, so all’s good, in my opinion. Here’s some fascinating news bits for ya.

  • Unless your address is Beneath the Proverbial Rock, you’re well-aware that Led Zeppelin reunited in London yesterday. What you may not have are photos and a review.
  • Another list, still: The worst Christmas songs of all time. (I so agree with No. 11, McCartney’s “Christmastime.” Makes me want to do bodily harm to an elf.)
  • Check out new songs by Green Day – sorry, my bad, the Foxboro Hot Tubs (a GD side-project) here.
  • Strike update – talks have stopped, again.
  • Look for a new Panic! At the Disco album in March.