What’s going on – ‘Heroes,’ Fogerty, strike

29 Nov

This morning I’ve had everyone from Jay-Z to Bikini Kill to The Decemberists in my ear, so I’d say it’s a good morning so far. It’s keeping me relatively sane on a busy day, so woo-hoo. Well, that, and some chocolate almonds I bought from our education reporter, Ginny Miller, yesterday. Thank goodness for chocolate and music. 🙂


Again, speaking of NBC, have you heard of Hulu.com? From what I hear, NBC and FOX have teamed to create the site, and on it you can watch streaming episodes of your favorite shows. I signed up, but now I have to wait to be “invited.” Should I be suspicious? I guess not. Still, I’m waiting on pins and needles, Hulu…

I steer away from controversy most times, but I’ll mention this since someone’s already commented on it. The new Nicole Kidman-Daniel Craig movie, “The Golden Compass,” has a lot of folks stirred up. Go here to read about the controversy. I have absolutely no opinion on the film at all – I obviously haven’t seen it, nor have I read the books. But, I just wanted to put that out there, as it’s garnering more and more attention.

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