What’s going on – Ne-Yo, Pennywise, more

21 Nov

We’re not kidding! Scene isn’t coming out tomorrow! It’s coming out FRIDAY!

Happy pre-Turkey Day!


  • If you were hoping to see Ne-Yo with R. Kelly in Memphis, you’re out of luck. Ne-Yo has been dropped from the tour. J. Holiday and Keyshia Cole are still on the tour.
  • Want the new Pennywise album next year? Friend their music distributor on MySpace and you can download it for free.
  • Hawthorne Heights is performing with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at the New Daisy in Memphis in December. But legal drama is holding up HH’s new record.

Finally. There really is no reason to share this video, other than it’s the day before a holiday and I feel like giving you cats a gift. Jeff Buckley is my ultimate favorite musician ever. I’m weird about listening to him though…I can’t just listen to him, like every day, you know? I’ve got to like mentally prepare myself for it or something.

But, I have been listening to him a lot lately, so here’s a video of him performing “Last Goodbye” live in Chicago.


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