The Red-Eye Report …

19 Nov

By Joshua Blake


Sunday night at the Princess Theater, I had the chance to sit down and talk to the members of Cockfight Club.

Strangely enough, this didn’t start out as a band. It was a solo project from the mind of Ken Calloway, lead singer and Mac fan. He began work on the band’s first album, “Uber Guber,” in 2003. In the winter of 2006, he formed a band to play live. Now, Ken has brought along a cast of characters that, in the beginning, were fans of his music. With Elusive on percussion, “Graceless” Lacy Babcock on keyboards and guitarist Dustin Gant, they seem to have the perfect package to take over the world.


When asked what motivates them, Calloway said it’s all about reaching the person who hasn’t heard them yet and getting to a bigger audience. They are currently looking to play shows in New Orleans and Atlanta. Yet, Elusive says, with a smirk, “A world tour isn’t out of the question.”


Even though they haven’t ventured far from Northeast Mississippi as of yet, they have garnered fans from around the world. How did they do this? One of the songs off their latest album, “Acockalpyse Now,” shares its namesake with science fiction author H. P. Lovecraft. When someone uses a search engine looking for information on Lovecraft, they also get a link to the band’s MySpace page where the song is posted. This has earned them fans from all over and quite a following in Germany.


Cockfight Club is currently working on their third album. Calloway said they are looking forward to the progression of the band. He is also working with Japanese spoken-word artist Kenji Siratori on his new album.


If you haven’t had the chance to hear Cockfight Club, check them out at or


That’s all for this week. I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday to me on Wednesday. I’ll see all of you when the sun goes down.

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