Avett Bros. coming to Oxford, other news

15 Nov

I should probably be kept away from buttons.

Last night I put a couple of Kanye West tunes on my iPod while gabbing on the phone. I don’t remember what button I pushed – or if I even pushed one at all. All I know is, all of my music has been erased from my iPod (for the second time in a couple of months) and my iTunes won’t sync with my iPod.

Sweet mother of all things holy, I feel like I’ve lost an arm. “Or worse, a torso.” Sorry, broke into Buffyverse there.

*sigh* Just thought I’d share my pain this morning.

On to a few headlines:

  • OK – maybe I’m not so painful, because the Avett Brothers are headlining the Double Decker Festival in Oxford next year. YES!!
  • Rolling Stone thinks a lot of things. Right now, they think you should check out these 10 new artists.

Sheena watched TV last night! Woo-hoo!

One of my favorite people ever, Joel McHale, was on “Pushing Daisies” last night. LOVED loved loved it. That made my night…

…until I watched “Ghost Hunters.” I have two words to my fellow TAPS fans: “Sassy Lashes.” That little phrase made my night, my week and possibly my whole month.
(click on my “Ghost Hunters” link and you can watch last night’s “Revelations” show, in which each of the TAPS members answered questions from viewers).

and here’s a happy Avett Bros. to get us all in the mood for Double Decker…”Will You Return?”

One Response to “Avett Bros. coming to Oxford, other news”

  1. rebfan November 15, 2007 at 3:52 pm #

    I just heard today that Reba and Kelly Clarkson will be touring and they are planning make one of their stops in Tupelo. This is not on the bancorpsouth arena website yet, but you can check it out on Reba and Kelly’s website. Just thought I’d pass along!!

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