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14 Nov


Construction workers line up for pay beside the first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York in this 1931 file photo. The Christmas tree went on to become an annual tradition and a New York landmark. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is visible in the background on Fifth Avenue. (AP Photo)


Like all families, my bunch has its share of holiday traditions.

One I always look forward to is what I like to call The Reveal (yup, totally stole that from “Ghost Hunters”). It’s when my cousin, Shawna, tells my mom what she wants for Christmas.

Crazy, I know, but it’s a tradition. Then my mom and I spend the next month or so trying to find said item. Sometimes it’s perfume, sometimes it’s an outfit. Whatever. Shawna has great taste, so it’s always interesting.

The Reveal 2007 hasn’t happened yet, but I’m highly anticipating it.

This got me to thinking – what pop culture/entertainment items are on your Christmas wish list?

Here’s mine. I’m wishing pretty big. I know I won’t get any of this, but hey, that’s what wish lists are for…it’s fun to wish.:)

  • “I Heart Dexter” T-shirt
  • “Dexter” 2008 calendar (one whole year of Michael C. Hall? I’m so there!)
  • Each of the “Dexter” books by Jeff Lindsay
  • “Ghost Hunters” T-shirt (I’m getting one for my mom, but not for me:()
  • “Hurrah! A Year of Ta-Dah” DVD by the Scissor Sisters (alright, I’ll probably buy that for myself)
  • “Waitress” DVD (alright, I’m buying that for myself, too)
  • TiVo, or some such device, so I can watch TV.
  • “The Rolling Stone Interviews”
  • The newest PostSecret book
  • Umbrella Academy T-shirt
  • Best Music Writing 2007
  • “John and Yoko: A New York Love Story”
  • Working CD burner, as mine recently went kaput
  • Cell phone with internet connection (this is pop culture related because I could use it to compare prices on pop-culture-y things I want in stores:))
  • iTunes/eMusic giftcards…so I can support my habit. 🙂

Share yours!!!

So, are you wondering what I asked my mom for this holiday season? It’s pretty simple, really – just a fun day in Memphis. Let me explain.

Last year my mom gave me what was quite possibly the best gift in the history of all gifts. She put my name and a sweet message in lights at the Orpheum in Memphis (we super-heart the Orpheum).

Even better, the Orpheum gave us a hardcore discount, and the message was supposed to run for only an hour but it ran all afternoon.

We were surprised to learn the Memphis Christmas parade was the same day the message ran on the marquee. So, besides the super-sweet gift, we also saw the parade and hung out around downtown.

So, I’ve asked my mom for a repeat of that day – sans the message, of course. I’m trying to find out when the parade is, though – does anyone know?

Holler if you know when the parade is, and share your wish list!!

One Response to “Wish list”

  1. george November 14, 2007 at 2:05 pm #

    A discount for a cancer survivor.

    Shame on you.

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