John & Yoko, cowbell, more

12 Nov

Here’s some entertainment updates for ya….

  • In case you are still living under a rock – Radiohead is releasing a physical version of its new album, “In Rainbows,” after the new year.
  • If you love John and Yoko, you must must must see these photos. They’re from “John and Yoko: A New York Love Story,” which collects photos taken by Allen Tannenbaum literally weeks before John died.
  • For all things strike-related, check out what the L.A. Times has going on. To find out where your favorite show stands in all the confusion, check out the TV Grid. If you’re a fan of soaps, read this.
  • Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban’s monstrously huge tour is coming to Biloxi next year.
    • Side note – you know who else will perform in Biloxi? Avril Lavigne. The nerve of her to perform there, especially after her comments about “that hurricane thing.” Anyone else want to throw rubble at her?

Just a random sidenote: I never feel old, not really – til yesterday, that is. I friended my two cousins on Facebook, and they’re 15 and 13. They totally write everything in that, “idk my bff jill” shorthand stuff. I understood about every other word. I’m so old. On the plus side, my 15-year-old cousin and I have very similar taste in music…and I’m totally OK with that.:) Random sidenote over.

As Joshua mentioned earlier, the Princess Theater in Columbus was robbed recently. Insane. Anyway, they’re offering a reward. Find out more at the theater’s MySpace.

Keep up with news on Jefferson Place at and in tomorrow’s edition of the Daily Journal.

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