The Red-Eye Report, Nov. 12

11 Nov

by Joshua Blake


Hello once again, everybody.


This weekend I got my grubby paws of a couple of games for the XBox 360 console. Let’s start with “Battle Stations: Midway.” You play as a number of brave men in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

The game begins at the attack on Pearl Harbor and takes you to the turning point at Midway. What I really enjoyed was that you get to control everything, and I mean everything, that the U.S. Navy has to offer.

In addition, your freedom of movement is never hampered. If you want to fly a Dauntless dive-bomber, you can do it. If you prefer the stealth action of submarine warfare, it’s there. The game sports a great storyline and the cut scenes paste everything together well. At one point, you are stationed on PT-109 with future president “Lt. Kennedy.”

The only down side to this game is the controls. There are a lot of them and the tutorial is almost an hour long. Other than that, this is a must play for any war genre fan.


Second is “FarCry Instincts: Predator.” At first, I thought this was just going to be another run-and-gun shoot ’em up. However, I was surprised at the options I had to dispose of my foes.

The story goes that you are a retired Navy man who now does chartered tours. Your boat gets blown up – with just splinters left – and you are stuck on an island with only a knife and some rocks. As the game unfolds you learn that this is a place were bored, rich guys come to hunt…for humans.

As you dispatch enemies, get better weapons. What I found handy was the fact you could set booby traps to lure your foes into.  In fact, this was so effective that you could probably play the whole game and never fire a bullet.

If you liked the original FarCry game then you should give this on a try.


In closing, I would like to mention that The Princess Theater in Columbus was robbed this week. I think it is a shame that some people in the area would dare to take advantage of one of the only venues in Northeast Mississippi that is embracing and promoting local acts that play original music.

The folks at the Princess are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen items, which include an ISP Sound System. If you have any information please call (662) 245-1019 or (662) 245-1012.

I will probably be going to The Princess next Sunday night to see a band that blew me away last time, Cockfight Club, and Mankind is Obsolete.


I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

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