Breaking Benjamin loves the H2O

6 Nov

So, the two most notable things about the Breaking Benjamin show were the long but awesome drum solo and the fact that the lead singer seriously loves water and wants you to have some, too.

The band played lots of apparently really popular songs…sorry, I’m not a big fan…but everyone here seemed to LOVE it.  Breaking Benjamin was literally thunderous.

The drum solo was really cool..I swear the guy grew a couple pairs of arms to pull that off.

But the water thing was cool.  Shaun Morgan from Seether came out to sing a cover of the Deftones’ “Change in the House of Flies” (which was seriously AWESOME), while the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin decided to give water out to the seemingly sweaty crowd. He took off down one side, then made his way into the middle of the crowd, followed by a bevy of security guards and guys holding bottles of water.  He spent some time in the middle of the crowd, then crowd surfed his way back up to the front.

A note from the lovely Lori:

OK, so, I really thought emo music was supposed to make you want to slit your wrists, but Breaking Benjamin was really depressing to me.  Lead singer was very angry and surly.  Obviously someone was not hugged enough as a small child.

And what was up with that crucified angel thingy on their banner? Can we say depressing?

Well, as much as I don’t like Breaking Benjamin, everyone else loved them.  Oh, and they ended with “Cold” which is the one song I like by them.

Alright, kiddos, we’ll see you sometime during Three Days Grace, or at the very least, afterwards.

2 Responses to “Breaking Benjamin loves the H2O”

  1. dW November 11, 2007 at 7:50 pm #

    well you really have no sense of what rock music is about, and you COMPLETELY do not understand Breaking Benjamin. Ben is NOT angry, and it’s NOT emo music. Yes some EMO people do listen to Breaking Benjamin but did you not notice the ‘preppy’ girls walking around in heels and tights? Depressing? Where the hell did ya get that from? Can you not understand the lyrics? Have you ever listened to past CD’s they have put out? Honestly I think you are a pathetic journalist who did not do research or even really pay attention to what was really going on. Find a new job and move on.

  2. sheenabarnett November 12, 2007 at 1:57 pm #

    Lori and I admitted from the get-go that we are pretty ignorant about Breaking Benjamin. Still, we paid attention to the show and gave it a fair review – which is our jobs.

    We welcome readers helping us get the story right or giving a different viewpoint, but please, let’s refrain from personal attacks.

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