The Red-Eye Halloween Report, Oct. 31

31 Oct

Hello, my creatures of the night and welcome to a special Halloween edition of The Red-Eye Report.

Halloween is my second favorite holiday next to St. Patrick’s Day, so this is a fun time of year for me.

First off, I went to the Lyric Theater for their haunted house. It was great how they included people of all ages in their production. They included a room that put you in the middle of a scene from the movie “Saw,” recreated the legend of Bloody Mary and took you for a stroll through a hospital ward. This haunted house is not recommended for children under 12, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Even though this wasn’t the scariest of haunted houses I had been to, it was still fun for a couple of good scares. It will be open tonight if you would like to see for yourself. Admission is $10.

Last night I got the chance to check out “OCHO: Arachnid From Hell” by Daniel Lee at the Malco. If you are a fan of cheesy movies with over-acting and bad cuts, this is the film for you. I absolutely loved it. It was nice to see an independent production that didn’t take itself too seriously. The movie was filmed locally and included people from around the area. Even better, all the profits went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For only $3, it was totally under-priced for the laughs and good times that everyone had.
So, do you want to know what to do tonight? Have no fear. I will be stopping by Fusion 205 to sport my own Halloween costume. There are Halloween parties at Good Time Charlie’s and Benjamin’s on Main. If you’re not into the bar scene, there are a few more haunted houses going on. Here are a some that you might want to check out:

Tupelo Buffalo Park presents “A Haunted Trail”
Admission is $7

Haunted Hill
Road 1057 off of Auburn Rd.
Admission is $5

Town Creek Haunted House, Saltillo
6:30-9 PM
Town Creek Shopping Center
Admission is $2

Haunted Barn
Opens at 7 PM
Old Columbus Rd. at the corner of Hwy. 8 East, Aberdeen
Admission is $5

That’s all for this week.
I hope everyone has a “Spook-tacular” Halloween. That was totally lame. I’ll do better.
BOO! I saw you jump.
OK, I’m done. Everybody be careful and mind the apples with the razorblades. I’ll see you when the sun comes up.

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