At the movies, updates

16 Oct

Just a local tidbit before moving on to a few headlines:

A few weeks ago Scene featured area drive-ins, and when I went out to cover the Guntown Drive-In, the owners – Agnes and Joe Samples – told me about a special event they’re having this weekend.

On Friday, the drive-in will feature family films and all the proceeds will go toward a rehab center in Montana. John said he traveled to a tiny town in Montana as part of a mission trip, learned about the rehab center (that specifically treats Native Americans on a nearby reservation) and wanted to do something to help.

When I talked to them last, they didn’t know which films they planned to show, but they wanted to show movies the whole family could enjoy. Find out more about the drive-in at (662) 348-5767.

On to a few news bits for the day:

  • Talk about a dream show: Springsteen and Arcade Fire members rocked it out in Canada.
  • I’m sure most everyone has found a way to put “Stairway to Heaven” on their iPod, but in case they haven’t, the Led Zeppelin catalog is going online on all sites in November.
  • Speaking of new(ish) DVD/CD releases, Justin Timberlake is releasing a deluxe edition of “FutureSex/LoveSounds” on Nov. 27 and a DVD of his Madison Square Garden show on Nov. 20.

Finally, a sort-of local news bit to end on. Y’all know me – I’m one of the biggest “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” geeks around. I’ve wanted a Buffy sing-along to come to NEMiss for quite a while – I was actually making a little progress – but Fox has shut down all sing-alongs. The show’s creator, Joss Whedon, isn’t happy, either.

I don’t understand at all how all of that works, so I feel pretty lame for complaining. From what I get, some unions need to be paid…so let’s find a way to pay them and get our sing-alongs back!

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