The Red-Eye Report, Oct. 15

15 Oct

by Joshua Blake

Hello folks. This is Joshua, back again with another Red-Eye Report.

Friday night it felt so good outside, I wanted to go somewhere with a patio. Fusion 205 supplied my want with its new outdoor seating and music by two members of Bliss, Greg Dillard and Tatum Shappley, known as Shappadilly. As always, these guys played some great tunes, with songs by The Rolling Stones, Old Crow Medicine Show, Eagle-Eye Cherry and U2. Greg and Tatum did a good job reading the mood of the crowd. Tatum conjured the very voices of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash on cover songs by the legends.
If you want to hear some great music, give Greg and Tatum a try. You can hear their original music at the Bliss page.

Saturday night I stopped by Good Time Charlie’s because I heard about how DJ Joe Dogg had been pulling in some good crowds and how great of a DJ he is. I arrived a little past 9 p.m. Playing staple songs by Camillionaire, Big Boi, The Shop Boys and Mary J. Blige, he appeared to be the typical DJ. Being a DJ myself, making smooth transitions from one song to the next are a big part of the job. Going from Dem Franchise Boys to Big & Rich to 50 Cent wasn’t the best transition between songs I’d ever heard. If you like songs you can hear every day on TRL or those ring tone commericals then give DJ Joe Dogg a try. Check out DJ Joe Dogg at his MySpace.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to send me pictures of what you did this weekend at and check out what I have going on at my MySpace page.

It’s time for my coffee. Get some sleep and I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

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