Harrison on iTunes, more

9 Oct

Today’s song: “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones.
I had my iPod on random this morning while I finished all my Scene copy this morning, and for once, “Queen of the Jungle” (my iPod’s name) has performed well. Then came the Stones. I think I’ve played this song ten times already. It just sounds good this morning. *shrug.*

Let’s get on to some news bits that will make your life that much better.

  • YES!! The George Harrison catalog is on iTunes!!
  • So, Conan O’Brien is taking Jay Leno’s place in 2009. Who’ll take over Conan’s place? Jimmy Fallon is topping the “short list” of those being considered. What do you think? (Thanks, as always, Jeff)
  • Speaking of Jeff – he loves “The Office,” and I love Joss Whedon. What God has brought together, let no man put asunder (well, until this episode is done, anyway).
  • Speaking of “The Office,” here’s something random: the “Deal or No Deal”models recreating a scene from the show.
  • The Arcade Fire covers the Violent Femmes, plus more – here.
  • If you haven’t picked up the latest “Hot” issue of Rolling Stone, or if someone in Belden has been receiving your subscription instead of you (seriously, whoever you are – it’s not funny anymore), you can click here to see what Rolling Stone considers “hot.” I second Vampire Weekend and the Iron Man outfit, and now I’m really interested in Emily Jane White.
  • From the big screen to the small: USA is turning “Thank You for Smoking” into a TV show.
  • Congrats to Nine Inch Nails and their break from Interscope.
  • You probably know about it already, but last night I stumbled upon the greatest thing ever to hit mankind: Disapproving Rabbits. Even better – the first Disapproving Rabbits book hits stores Oct. 16.

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