The Red-Eye Report, Oct.7

7 Oct

When the sun goes down Joshua breaks out the camera. Above are some folks he has met the past couple of weeks. Read instructions below about how to include your photo here next week.

By Joshua Blake

Hello once again folks. Welcome to another edition of The Red-Eye Report.

I started off this weekend at Vanelli’s on Friday night to see Kurt Green deliver his own style of comedy. This former G.I. had just returned from entertaining our troops in Japan and Korea. He describes his act as “Relative things for relative people”. Kurt had a very observational brand of stand-up, covering everything from kids, drugs, cops and living life on the road. His anecdotes were well-delivered and received many laughs. Though some of his jokes were from the recycle bin, it was a good set all in all. Check out Kurt’s tour schedule at his Web site.

Saturday night I traveled to Sheffield, Ala. to enjoy a night with Punch Throat and Cockfight Club at the Old Town Tavern. Punch Throat started the night off right with almost spotless covers of The Offspring, No Doubt and System of a Down. Not to mention, they are the only band I have ever heard to complete the Green Day opus “Brain Stew/Jaded”. On one of their original tracks, “Whole Blooded”, drummer Craig Carrigee laid down a backbeat that would have made Marky Ramone bob his head. The only downside was that they kind of lost their grip in the second set. Either way, it was a decent show. Give them a try at Punch Throat’s MySpace.

This brings us to Cockfight Club. There are no words I can think of to actually describe how great this band is. From vicious drumming to grinding riffs to beautifully evil samples, Cockfight Club can turn any night into Halloween. Their set list included songs by Nine Inch Nails, Bloodhound Gang, Concrete Blonde and Gary Numan. Keyboardist Graceless Lacy Babcock threw in a few one-liners between songs to keep the crowd going. You can really see how deep this band is on their original work. Songs like “Mr. Misanthropy” and “Dying Alone” would fit well on the soundtrack of the next Wachowski Brothers techno action movie. This was one of the greatest shows I have been to by a local band. But if I had to bet on it, these guys won’t be local very long. Cockfight Club is a band on it’s way to superstardom. Do yourself a favor and go see them as soon as possible. See what I’m talking about at the band’s MySpace.

That is all for this week. Don’t forget to check in with me at The Red-Eye Report and send me your photos of what you did this weekend at It’s time for me to get some sleep. I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

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