I’m baaack

7 Oct

As y’all might have noticed (or probably not), your usual Scene Now blogging chick has been gone for a little bit. I took last week off to travel to Savannah, Ga., and while I was gone M. Scott Morris, Todd Vinyard and, of course, Joshua Blake held down the fort for me. Thanks, guys — I owe you one.

I won’t write much about Savannah in the paper, so allow me to do a little bit now.

You really, really ought to go to Savannah. This was my fourth time going and I’ve loved it every time.

Savannah was founded in 1733, so just about everything there (at least in the historic district) is OLD. There’s lots of historical places, lots of old homes to tour and lots of old stories to hear. For a nerd like me, that’s heaven.

With that much history, you also get a lot of dead folks over the years. Savannah is strangely, deeply tragic. Literally everywhere you walk in downtown Savannah, you’re walking on graves (they liked paving over cemeteries back in the day). Nearly every house has a ghost or at least one person was murdered there. There are creepy, morbid stories everywhere you go. Go ahead, call me creepy, call me morbid, but I loooove that stuff.

Mix in the history and tragedy (and a little bit of alcohol, as Savannah folk heart their liquor), and that makes for one beautiful atmosphere. Everything is old and dripping with moss. It’s really an unbelievable place to go.

Interested? Visit my vacay photos on Facebook. The first 24 photos are from my last trip there back in May 2006, and the last 25 are from last week.

Besides Savannah, a few entertainment-y things rocked my face off this weekend. Want to know what they are?

  • So “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” comes out this weekend, and the trailer looked exciting. So I rented the first “Elizabeth.” Holy beheadings, Batman, what a good movie. If you’ve never seen “Elizabeth,” you really should, because it’s excellent. And I’ll see you at the theaters for “The Golden Age.”
  • Speaking of trailers…it’s the “Sweeny Todd” trailer! Before I left for Savannah, I rented the stage version starring Angela Lansbury. It was good but I kept thinking, that would be so much cooler on film. And it looks like it will be.

Stay tuned, cause Joshua Blake is back with another Red-Eye Report this afternoon.

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