The Ballad of Jammie Thomas

3 Oct


   It’s Scott, again, and I’ve got a warning. 

   Jammie Thomas, a 30-year-old woman in Minnesota,  is in court facing the combined legal might of six record companies.  Her offense? They charge her with illegally sharing music online.

   The Associated Press says, “Thomas’s is the first trial in 26,000 similar cases brought by record companies against individuals across the country. Many other defendants ended the cases against them by paying the record companies a settlement.”

   It’s kind of like the lottery in reverse. Many will enter, few will lose. We all know people who could be in this same situation. Depending on your beliefs about intellectual property, you may want to send up a silent prayer for Thomas. There but for the grace of God …etc. 


   File this next one under the category of Life imitating Blog.

   If you checked Scene Now on Tuesday, you may have noticed my mention of Scott Baio and Danny Bonaduce trying to out-pathetic each other on VH1.

   The AP reports Bonaduce threw a punch and knocked teeth out of the mouth of Jonny Fairplay, a “Survivor” contestant.

   When I was a kid, I wanted my own TV show, but now it seems like  a one-way ticket to a felony record.   Still, it would be nice to be able to afford a Porche.

One Response to “The Ballad of Jammie Thomas”

  1. Ben October 5, 2007 at 5:14 am #

    RIAA sucks

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