Sheena’s away, so Scott will play

2 Oct

Hey, SceneNow Nation, I’m Scott Morris, and today marks my first attempt at blogging in this or any other life, so bear with me if I don’t have thousands of links and such. For some reason, Sheena Barnett put me in charge for a while, and I’ve been digging around, looking for stuff of interest.

Here’s what I’ve got:

• The AP reports Bob Dylan will release “Dylan” – catchy title – this week. It’s a three-disc, 51-track collection of his studio recordings over the past 46 years.

• The Boss is back with “Magic.” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band seemed to have captured the old, well, magic. Reviews are through the roof.  

• On a personal note, I’ve been watching “The Big Bang Theory,” a new show on Mondays on CBS about what happens when a hot babe moves next door to a pair of geeks. I’ve enjoyed it just for the novelty of hearing jokes about string theory. But, for my viewing pleasure, “House” and “My Name is Earl” are the tops in television these days.   

•  “The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” is out on DVD, but I’ve got a  problem with it. I’m willing to accept a guy can turn to flame, another guy can stretch himself like a pretzel, a lady can create a force field and another fellow can turn into a mountain. I’ll suspend disbelief for all four of those, but I don’t believe a human-made craft can fly from New York to Siberia in less time than it takes Jessica Alba to say, “I want to marry you, but I don’t want to live in a fish bowl. Look what happened to Britney Spears.” 

 • Speaking of Britney, I’ve had self-destructive friends and I’ve talked to them about their behavior, though I’m not sure that ever resulted in change. I realized the best I could do is be there when people are ready to talk, but they have to work through their own messes. So why do I think all Britney needs is about six months of down time in the backwoods of Louisiana? Of course, the bigger question is why do I care? It probably has something to do with the videos from “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” or “Oops, I Did it Again.” And she’s funny whenever she’s on “Saturday Night Live.” Then there’s the train wreck that is her life. On the day when the court takes her kids away, her song, “Gimme More,” is the top download at iTunes.  Truly, one may gain by losing, and lose by gaining. 

• Another point: I’m with Justin Timberlake on this. I miss the days when you could watch videos on TV. My Internet connection isn’t as powerful as I’d like, and I want to see Feist’s “1234” video all the way through. I caught it on youtube, but it was all fuzzy.  iTunes wants $1.99 for it, and I don’t care enough to actually give money for it. I bought her album, “The Reminder” and it’s a minor classic that’s been playing at my house for the past two weeks, but every time I turn to VH1, Scott Baio and Danny Partridge are trying to out-pathetic each other. 

• Hey, got any kids at the house? A 40th anniversary edition of Disney’s “The Jungle Book” is out. One of the great things about having kids is the chance to indulge my love for animated movies. My kids love Disney’s “Robin Hood,” and that makes me a lucky man. And if you haven’t caught “Cars,” my son and I give it two thumbs up, though my son’s thumb is covered with chocolate.  If you have anything to add about Dylan, Alba, Disney, Britney, Patridge, Feist, Baloo, Mowgli or King Louie, please don’t hesitate to share your comments. Otherwise, remember that Tuesday is “House” night, Thursday is “My Name is Earl,” and in between – that’s Wednesday, by the way – we get a new “South Park” episode. My rear may never leave the couch.


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