Ruby Jane, ACL, etc.

27 Sep

I’ve been so busy trying to get ready for my few days out of the office lately that I’ve neglected my usual entertainment sites. Thankfully, the mighty Jeff has my back, and he sent me a slew of links to all kinds of entertainment goodies. Ladies and gents, bow down to him with me…

  • The track listing to Guitar Hero III has been leaked. “Sunshine of Your Love,” “When You Were Young” and songs by Muse and Weezer are being talked about.
  • Mississippi fiddler Ruby Jane Smith is playing with Big & Rich – again – when the duo performs at the Pearl River Resort on Oct. 12.
  • The fall schedule of Austin City Limits is up. It includes the Decemberists, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Brad Paisley and Regina Spektor are on the way.

Finally – this isn’t a piece of Jeff info, by the way 🙂 – Darren Hayes has finally released a video for “Me Myself and (I).” You can see it here.
It may not be the most amazing video ever, may not be the best song ever, but I’m in love with both. I LOVE it when someone doesn’t take themselves so seriously and has fun making music and a video, and you can tell Mr. Hayes is having a blast. Fun fun fun.

Speaking of Darren Hayes, I had the strangest dream about/not about him last night. Weird. But that’s for another day and another time. 🙂

One Response to “Ruby Jane, ACL, etc.”

  1. Ruby Jane October 10, 2007 at 7:05 pm #

    Hey, this is Ruby Jane. I am unfortunately not playing at Pearl River Resort. The resort/casino wont let me in because I am not 21. I will play with Big & Rich somewhere else down the road. But yall come see me in MS tomorrow in Columbia and then in Austin, TX next week! Thanks, Ruby Jane

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