Of comic books and superheroes

26 Sep

First, let me apologize – I received my latest issue of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” season 8 last week, and I haven’t written about it until now. I’ve been meaning to get on here, start talkin’ and pray and hope that a fellow Buffy geek reads this and wants to talk, because this issue (“No Future for You”) was awesome. The return of Faith? And Robin Wood, if even for a few frames (I literally squealed – squealed – when I saw him!)? A second bad slayer? And – best of all – Giles in a “Yellow Submarine” sweater? Truly awesome. This may be my favorite issue yet.

Oh! and Giles’ last words in this issue – “Five by five”??? I mean how are we supposed to interpret that? My mind has been racing…obviously. 🙂

BTW – Click on “preview” on that page, and it’ll take you through the first six pages.

And, due to a bad shipment at TFAW, I haven’t received my first issue of The Umbrella Academy, Gerard Way’s comic. Once I get it, we’ll talk.

Alright, let’s move on to superheroes in the movies.

Want “Justice League” spoilers? Well, do ya, punk? Alright, click here.

Speaking of “Justice League,” what do you think of Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman? I’m sorry, I’m not a fan – I’ll pay her not to play Wonder Woman. But, she may be their best bet.
And finally – click here for the teaser trailer for “The Descendants.”

By the way — thanks to Jeff for all of the Office, Earl and superhero fodder for today. 🙂

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