The Red-Eye Report, Sept. 24

23 Sep

Standing in the Black

Standing in the Black

Hey Scene fans,

We here at Scene Now are starting a new feature called the Red-Eye Report. Joshua Blake, a Tupelo resident, will be Scene Now’s eyes and ears across North Mississippi. He’ll take in whatever’s hot in entertainment that weekend, and report back to us on Mondays. If you missed a show, here’ where to get all the highlights. He’ll tell what he likes, what he didn’t and what he’d like to see next.

Here’s Joshua Blake’s first post, so let us – and Joshua – know what you think.

Also, visit his MySpace page and tell him what you thought or what you’d like to see him cover next.

The Red-Eye Report, Sept. 24
By Joshua Blake
Scene Now

Hello one and all.
Thursday night I decided to check out a couple of grindcore bands at Benjamin’s on Main in Tupelo. When I walked in, the bar was half-full and it looked like a decent crowd was going to be on hand. However, once the sound check began, tabs were being called for left and right. By the time The Importance of Poison took the stage, about 30 faithful were still around. The band put on a good show. Their hooks were tight and made transitions that would have made Bullet for My Valentine proud. Vocalist Bran Sowell nailed the growl of all the songs but his melodic parts left something to be desired. Overall, it was a nice set for the young band. Give them a listen here.
Next, Betrayal took the stage. The last time I saw these guys was about three years ago. I was hoping for a more mature sound. I was sorely disappointed. The one thing that they need to learn is louder isn’t always better. Not only that, but when you are cranked to eleven, and your band is totally out of sync, it makes your mistakes that much worse. Decide for yourself at the band’s MySpace page.
Friday night I headed to Fugley’s to see local cover band Standing in the Black. I have to say up front, I hate cover bands. Nonetheless, on this night, I was pleasantly surprised. The band had a great stage presence and nailed their songs lick for lick. Not only did they do their covers justice but also, in some cases, they made them better. After a great set of 3 Doors Down, 7 Mary 3, Seether, Ugly Kid Joe, Bush and Weezer, they announced that this is only their third show. They even gave Charlie Daniels and Michael Jackson the metal treatment. Standing in the Black is a must see.
After leaving Fugley’s I decided to head to Fusion 205 where John West was playing acoustic guitar on the patio. The atmosphere was perfect. A nice, cool evening with some great covers of Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Steppenwolf and Nirvana. If you are looking for some great music just to relax to, I suggest you check out John West. Listen to his original work here.
Saturday night I decided on Jefferson Place, which had a stacked bill including Social Void, Marashino and Vysion. Social Void started the night like a rocket. They are not too metal and not too mainstream – the perfect mix. The only lull came with a cover of “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead. Other than that, they had the perfect recipe of a rock cocktail: driving bass, smooth guitar, spot-on drumming and ranging vocals. On the band’s original song, “For Real,” drummer Justin Enlow went through a Washington Forest’s worth of drumsticks. They announced they are taking a break for a while but will be back soon. Social Void is worth the price of the cover.
Marashino took over next. All the way from Milwaukee, Wis., they have a stage show that is second to none. Frontman Eric Brosse seemed to channel the very souls of Steven Tyler and Scott Weiland. With a steady, screaming rock show, don’t be surprised to see these guys on The Warped Tour sometime soon. See what I’m talking about at the group’s MySpace page.
This leads to my disappointment of the week, Vysion. I had heard a lot of hype about this band and was looking forward to seeing them. As they started their first song, I thought they were going to play “Before I Forget” by Slipknot but it was one of their own songs. The next song started exactly like “Blind” by Korn, but, yet again, this was one of their songs. After a couple more songs of ripped-off riffs, I had heard enough. Vysion brought typical radio-ready songs to a place already flooded with the same. Save the $7 cover and just listen to Nickelback, Default or Hinder. It’s all the same. See what you think at the band’s MySpace page.
That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to stop by The Red-Eye Report’s MySpace to see where I will be and check out photos of the shows.
I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

• Joshua has some photos from this weekend, and we’ll get those up ASAP.

3 Responses to “The Red-Eye Report, Sept. 24”

  1. nscrfne September 24, 2007 at 1:54 pm #

    The reviews are right on. I will definitely be checking out your recommendations and staying away from those with no so great reviews! I will be back for more reviews soon so keep them coming.

  2. Karen Davis September 28, 2007 at 2:55 pm #

    WOW Standing in the Black is hot !!!!!!!!

  3. htate October 2, 2007 at 2:47 pm #

    this is a great review and rundown of the weekend in tupleo, ms… great job… I’ll be back for more.

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