Monday music and movies

13 Aug

I almost blogged from yesterday’s events at Elvis Week in Memphis, but it really was what you’d expect – LOTS (no, really, LOTS) of Elvis fans, hanging out and talking Elvis. I figured I couldn’t really shine any light on anything new, so I thought I’d keep quiet.

The Reel World
Don’t give me grief over that terrible pun..I haven’t eaten in two days and I still hear EP tribute artists saying “uh-huh” in my head.
Anyway, in case you’re wondering, here’s this weekend’s box office results.
1. “Rush Hour 3”
2. “The Bourne Ultimatum”
3. “The Simpsons Movie”
4. “Stardust”
5. “Underdog”

Van Halen update
Since about this time today I’ll be in the throes of the music grid, I won’t have a chance to update on the Van Halen press conference this afternoon. Rolling Stone will have all the info.

Music o’ the day
So I think I’m turning 14 all over again. This week on iTunes, all soundtracks were $7.99. So I plunked down my mighty $8 for the “Romeo + Juliet” soundtrack, and boy hidey, have the memories come flooding back.
I remember that movie was everywhere when I was 13, and my best friend had the soundtrack. We all borrowed it from her and made our own copies, but I never ever had it for my own.
Well, until now. So I’m all aglow in the Cardigan’s “Lovefool” (wow, what an amazing song), “#1 Crush” by Garbage and “Local God” by Everclear. And I really love “You and Me Song” by the Wannadies more than I should.
I love the movie but mostly because it’s directed by Baz Luhrmann, who I love love LOVE.
In addition to this star-crossed lovers mess, I also put a LOT of Garbage on my iPod the other night. Wow, Shirley Mansion – I heart you a lot.

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