Help! part 2

20 Jun

I’m in need of your help again, gentle readers.

For an upcoming Scene cover story, we’ll feature the ultimate summer playlists.

 Send me in your playlists for:

Girls’ night out (what you listen to as you’re getting ready, or what you play during the night)
Boys’ night out (ditto)
Roadtrip/driving (what you listen to on long car rides, or as you’re cruising around town)
Poolside/Oceanside (what sounds the best as you’re hanging out by the pool or at the beach)
Barbecue/grilling (what you put on to set the mood to cook out or have an outdoors party)

 To get your minds going, here are a few of my own lists:

Girls’ Night Out
“Not Big” by Lily Allen
“You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse
“Now That You Got It,” by Gwen Stefani
“10 Dollar,” by M.I.A.
“Say Somethin'” by Mariah Carey & Snoop Dogg

(I won’t even attempt to make a boys’ night out playlist…obviously.:))

Roadtrip/Driving songs
“On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson
“Heroes and Villians” by The Beach Boys
“Get Back” by the Beatles
“Starlight” by Muse
“American Girl” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Poolside/Oceanside songs
“Work It” by Missy Elliott
“What Goes Around…/…Comes Around Interlude” by Justin Timberlake
“It’s My Life” by No Doubt
“Take Your Mama” by the Scissor Sisters
“Temperature” by Sean Paul

Barbecue/Grilling music
“Honky Tonk Women” by the Rolling Stones
“Downtime” by Backyard Tire Fire
“Burning Love” by Elvis Presley
“Move It On Over” by George Thorogood & the Destroyers
“Roadhouse Blues” by the Doors

Show me up — make better lists and SEND IT TO ME!

Send me your:

Why you chose your songs
A way to contact you

Deadline is July 4.

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