Lest we forget…

15 Jun

Back in the day, when Marilyn Manson dropped a new record, the world took notice and probably decided to be offended by it long before a note was even heard.
This month, Manson released his new record, “Eat Me, Drink Me,” and it’s barely made a ripple in the world. Maybe the world’s jaded enough not to be “shocked” by his antics anymore? Or maybe Manson’s getting a little — dare I say it? — bland?

Alright, I’m not going to debate that issue, but I will say this after hearing his new album: Manson’s keeping on keeping on, but there’s nothing on his new record that’s as provocative as some of his earlier (and better) songs like “Disposable Teens” or “The Beautiful People.”

Most of what fills “Eat Me, Drink Me” is good work, but it all tends to run together if you’re not paying attention. The first single, “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)” is probably the song that closest resembles his earlier records.

Rather than turn his critical eye to the government or society, he instead tells us more than we need to know about his relationships — his divorce from Dita Von Teese and his relationship with his new lady love, Evan Rachel Wood. So there are good break-up songs as well as a few good…well…lust songs. Manson’s music is efficient, but he comes up about fifty/fifty in terms of lyrics.
For example, Manson shows us how to woo a lady: “You wear your ruins well/Please run away with me to hell,” he sings in “Putting Holes in Happiness.” Well, when you put it that way…
“You, Me & the Devil Makes 3” contains some of the worst lyrics possibly put to paper: “Hell-flavored, I’ve got mood poisoning/You must be something that I hate.” Are you kidding me?
Another moment like that comes with the song “Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery,” in which he takes a stab at My Chemical Romance. Manson claims that the band has ripped off his sound (click here for MCR’s response) and basically gives them a what-for in the song (with lyrics like, “You steal instead of borrow/You take all the shapes that I make”). But, let’s digress for a history lesson — last time I checked, Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance and a host of other bands have made a career of ripping off earlier art/glam bands like Queen, Alice Cooper, T Rex, David Bowie, and others. It’s not like Manson created the art form.
Besides, Manson himself completely rips off MCR in two points. His song, “Just a Car Crash Away,” sounds a lot like “Black Parade”-MCR, especially the song’s Ray Toro-wannabe guitar solo; and Manson’s Web site featuring the beeps and morgue-like set-up? Yeah, MCR already did that (“The End” and on its “Life on the Murder Scene” DVD, respectively).
Alright. Back to the review.

I bought “Eat Me, Drink Me,” because I’ve about worn out my copy of his greatest hits, so I was in need of new Manson music. It gets the job done, but doesn’t accomplish much else. Buy the album if you’re in the mood for new Manson, but you can probably live without it.

2 3/4 out of five? That’s about right.

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