When I come around

10 Jun

First off — I must apologize for the lack of TV coverage either in Scene or here.  We’ve gotten in what we can, but we can obviously do better.  It really doesn’t help that I actually don’t watch much TV.  Unlike most college students, I practically stopped watching TV while I was in college.  So about all I watch now is “American Idol.”  Oh, and maybe a random showing of “E! True Hollywood Story” (and that new one on the “Mickey Mouse Club” was especially riveting:)).

So, yes, I wish we could have full “Sopranos” coverage here, but I just never got to watch it.  And no, I don’t know what happened, so no worries — you’ll find no spoilers here.

What you will find, though, is info on two upcoming concerts I found particularly interesting.

A new album means a tour.
The Queens of the Stone Agewill soon hit the road to promote its upcoming release, “Era Vulgaris.” The band will perform at the New Daisy in Memphis on Aug. 7. Tickets are $22 with $1 restoration fee.

Support local music by attending the Dang It! Festival at Dr. Love’s on June 19.
Local acts Betrayal and Truth in the Dying Eyes will share the stage with A Plea for Purging, Gwen Stacy, Once Nothing, Get Your Guns, Sophia, In Tomorrow’s Shadow and Uncertain Future. The show kicks off at 5 p.m. and tickets are just $10.

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