When you read my mind

6 Jun

In case anyone’s wondering, yep, I’m trying to use song lyrics or titles for the blog titles. That one’s from the Killers, but I really wanted to use the lines from Modest Mouse’s “Education” — “All them books I didn’t read/They just sat there on my shelf/Looking much smarter than me.”
But I knew I couldn’t fit that up there.:)

So books caught my eye today. The following books are out on hardback, but they’ll be released on paperback later this year.  Here goes:

 “Johnny Cash” by Michael Streissguth
This book, called “the most well-rounded Cash book to date” by Entertainment Weekly, focuses on Cash’s songwriting and personal life, especially his drug dependency.

“The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice” by Allen Ginsberg (edited by Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton and Bill Morgan)
This book compiles Ginsberg’s early journals and poems — some of which date back to when he was a child. He insisted his journals be published only after he’d died, so these should be way interesting.

“The Strange Case of Hellish Nell” by Nina Shandler
This isn’t exactly a pop-culture related book, but it sounds like fun to me. The true story follows the witch trial of WWII, so it’s loaded with lots of history and supernatural suspence.

 “Exile on Main Street,” by Robert Greenfiled
Yep, it’s what you think it’s about — all about the recording of The Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street.” What’s not to love?

There are a few new releases of note for this fall — a “Dimebag” Darrell bio, a book on Roxy Music, that kind of thing.  So, don’t let the sun melt your brains this summer, kiddies — looks like the fall and winter will offer lots of great reading material.

 On a totally different subject…
So what’s up with that?  Rage Against the Machine (I’m assuming?) are counting down to two things…and only time will tell what either are. 

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