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In the Arena, 5/30

29 May


It’s busy here at the Arena – we have a lot of activities coming up as well that should be to your liking. For starters, the Mudcats will be wrapping up the home portion of their regular season this Saturday night at 7 p.m. The team has all kinds of ticket specials available, including tickets priced as low as $5. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s circus will be coming to Tupelo June 19-22. And finally, Disney Live will present a stage show featuring Winnie the Pooh on Friday, September 26.

We also have a few shows in the works that aren’t quite ready to be announced. We’re working on two different rock shows, another pop/r&b show, and a comedy show for later this year. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce more details soon. Unfortunately, the odds that any of these shows are by a band named Radiohead are somewhere between slim and none…

Until next week,


Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town at BancorpSouth Arena

29 May

Country star Carrie Underwood is performing at the BancorpSouth Arena Dec. 9.
Underwood won “American Idol” in 2005 and is known for her hit singles like “Before He Cheats,” “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Wasted.”
Little Big Town will open the concert. The quartet has hits like “Boondocks” and “Good as Gone.”
Tickets go on sale Friday, June 28 at 10 a.m. and are $47.75 and $37.75.
For more information, call the Arena at (662) 841-6528.

Here’s a video of Underwood performing her new single, “Last Name,” on this year’s “American Idol” finale.

What’s Going On – David Cook, Spiderman, Ouija Boards

29 May

Happy Thursday, Scene cats.

  • Can you vague that up for me? New “Spider-Man” flick will be released sometime around 2010 or 2011.
  • Michael Bay’s making a movie based on the Ouija Board. Will it be a bad idea to see the movie, since it’s also kind of a bad idea to actually play the game (so they say; I’ve never tried)??
  • The Decemberists’ drummer, John Moen, will release a CD with his side project, Perhapst.

Check back later to see who’s the first-ever Local Artist of the Week!

Scene Picks

29 May

Here are some events happening this weekend…

  • Jake Owen (above) will perform in Calhoun City this weekend as a part of the Ace Cannon Festival. Owen performs at 9 p.m. Friday; Ace Cannon performs 8 p.m. Saturday.
  • “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is playing across NeMiss this weekend. M. Scott Morris and the Wizard crew loved it.
  • Scott Chism is performing at the Stables Saturday night.
  • “All My Sons” will be staged by the Corinth Theatre-Arts this weekend; check Scene for more.

Fashion: Buy it – Drew Barrymore says so!

28 May

This topic is a little late in the works, but I started thinking about it recently after it came up in two different conversations with my friends.

Above is an ad for CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara, and that’s Drew Barrymore in the ad.

You’re probably very aware of Drew Barrymore – she’s the star of such flicks like “The Wedding Singer,” “Never Been Kissed,” “Charlie’s Angels” and, my very favorite, “Scream.”

About a week after seeing Barrymore’s ad for LashBlast, and even though I still had some of my old mascara (also by CoverGirl) left, I picked up my own tube of LashBlast. When I took it up to the counter, the sales clerk said LashBlast had been selling like crazy. I figured everyone else was picking it up for the same reason I did – simply because Drew Barrymore said it was awesome.

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What’s Going On – T.I., ‘Twilight,’ Flash Gordon

28 May

Merry Wednesday, my dear Scene cats…

  • Earle Hagen – better known as the guy who wrote and whistled the “Andy Griffith Show” theme – has died.
  • Leave it to MTV to make community service look glam: They’ve ordered a reality show that follows T.I. as he repays his debt to society.
  • Speaking of MTV, that channel always finds a way to make me watch its award shows. Why will I be watching this year’s Movie Awards? They promise to show the first fully completed scene from “Twilight” sometime during the broadcast. OK, OK, I’ll watch!!
    And the channel has announced “‘Twilight’ Tuesdays,” where they’ll talk “Twilight” on, well, Tuesdays. Just don’t slip in any Tila Tequila and we’ll be good…
  • Want to know when your favorite FX shows will come back? Check out this story.
  • She & Him is going on tour…but the closest date is in Nashville.
  • The lead singer of Alabama, Randy Owen, is releasing a solo CD.

Billy Bob Thornton on tour

27 May

If you’re a super-huge Billy Bob Thornton fan or if you troll more than I do, this post won’t be news to you.

So, sorry if this is a bit late, but I wanted to let you cats know about a special tour that’s coming through the Southeast later this year.

Billy Bob Thornton (“Sling Blade,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Mr. Woodcock,” and, a lot more) and his band, The Boxmasters, are releasing a CD on June 10 and then touring the Southeast later this year.

Close dates include:

Birmingham, AL – Zydeco – July 29

Jackson, MS – Hal and Mal’s – July 30

Huntsville, AL – Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center – Aug. 1-2

Memphis, TN – Hi-Tone – Aug. 6

Click here to learn more about the tour and to buy tickets.

Calling all Fanfic writers

27 May

If you write fanfiction and live in Northeast Mississippi, Scene is looking for you.

I want to do a cover story for Scene on fanfiction writers that live in this area.

You have to live in Northeast Mississippi, and it would be cool if you’ve been published on a fanfic site or with any other kind of fanfic collection.

If you’re younger than 18, make sure you’ve OK’d this with a parent.

Basically I want to talk to fanfic writers about what they do, how they come up with stories, etc. And I’d need to take your picture! :)

Contact Sheena Barnett at (662) 678-1580 or


What’s Going On – Pollack, Lit, new CDs

27 May

Happy Tuesday Scene cats.

  • Click here to stream new albums by Usher and Cyndi Lauper, as well as the “Sex and the City” soundtrack.

What’s Going On – ‘Serenity,’ TV shows on DVD, new CDs

25 May

Hey Scene cats,

Sorry for the lack of updates and posts for the last few days.  I took two days off last weekend, and just about the last thing I wanted to see those days was a computer. :)

I didn’t experience an incredible amount of pop culture, but the bit that I did, I’ll tell you about…

So I finally started reading the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer. I read “Twilight” and “New Moon” and started on “Eclipse” during my days off.
The series, in case you’re not familiar, follows Bella, a girl who falls in love with a vampire. Yes, it’s a series for teenagers. Yes, it gets awfully melodramatic and Bella can be terribly whiny. But the overall story is pretty compelling and I have a thing for vampires. It’s tailor-made for Hot Topic kids and “Buffy” fans.

I also finally bought the new album by The Ting Tings, “We Started Nothing.” Haven’t listened to the whole thing, but so far it’s pretty rad. I also bought – and fell in love with – “In Ghost Colours” by Cut Copy. I hadn’t heard of this band before, but when I learned the band made a kind of 80s new wave kind of sound, I fell in love. This is why I think folks should sign up for Emusic – you never know what you’ll run up on on that site. That’s how I found Cut Copy – I didn’t have anything in mind to buy, but I knew May was running out so I needed to go ahead and get my downloads for the month. Ran into Cut Copy, and the rest is history.
Give me a few days and I’ll post a video from Cut Copy.

I didn’t watch much telly during the time off (except a few random hours of “The First 48″ and “Ghost Hunters” on DVD), and I didn’t see any movies (except “Dewey Cox”…and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all). So, a nice, relaxing weekend of books and music, it was. :)

Let me find some of the biggest entertainment headlines from the last few days and get those up for you…

  • A young actor playing a minor role in the next “Harry Potter” flick has been murdered.
  • Woot! “Can’t Stop the Serenity” is happening in Memphis in June!
    What’s “Can’t Stop the Serenity”? Fans of Joss Whedon have showings of his film, “Serenity,” on or near Whedon’s birthday, across the country, and all the proceeds go to his favorite charity, Equality Now.
    Sorry if that’s not new news to anyone, but it is to me. :)

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